National Front to become France’s largest political party

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen

The latest polling data on the upcoming French elections puts the National Front on 29 per cent, ahead of both the opposition UMP party (25 percent) and the ruling Socialists (21 percent). The country votes on March 22nd and 29th to elect representatives in each of the country’s 101 counties.

A large part of the party’s growth is due to French Jews increasingly turning to the National Front as they see it as the best bolster against the rising threat of Islamism.

The support of the Jewish society completes a major phase of change for the party under Marine Le Pen, who took the party over from her father Jean-Marie 5 years ago when it was considered anti-semitic.

Political pundits are predicting the National Front will attract at least 30 to 33% of the vote by the time of the elections.

These results will be very encouraging for Marine Le Pen as she looks forward to the 2017 presidential election in which she is expected to make a run-off vote, possibly against either Sarkozy or Hollande.

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5 thoughts on “National Front to become France’s largest political party

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  2. Jews represent about 0.1% of the population in France. French Jews cannot be a large part of the party’s growth. Except if you include their influence on the media (where they are clearly over-represented. But mentioning a Jewish influence on the media, or simply saying the words “Jewish influence” (as the former socialist minister of foreign affairs Roland Dumas said about current socialist prime minister Manuel Valls), or even talking about a Jewish lobby is seen as anti-Semitic here in France… Political correctness killed cleverness.


    • Yes, fair point. It probably could have been worded better as numerically, French Jews could not make any major difference. More accurately, I think the idea is that the party today does not suffer from being labeled anti-semitic as in the past and this is a change that has brought it much wider support.


  3. The continuing rise of nationalist parties is really encouraging. It’s an obvious response to the gap between the Euro elite and the people of those nations growing ever wider. I suspect multiculturalism has enjoyed its high water mark already. And by quite a few years.


    • Its interesting to me how these “elite” are apparently conscious of the gap but still determined to press on with their misguided Utopian plan. Given the long lasting damage they have caused, there needs to be some consequences for this deliberate arrogance.


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