Woman only police stations suggested

A Queensland law professor is urging authorities to consider trialling women-only police stations as a way to target domestic violence.

The head of the school of justice at Queensland University of Technology, Professor Kerry Carrington, said such police stations had been shown to encourage more women to report domestic violence, and resulted in more women being satisfied with the outcome.

Makes you wonder how we’ve got so far without them doesn’t it. I don’t know about any of the guys who might be reading this, but I’m starting to get the feeling that western men are just one big inconvenience to progressive western women. Maybe we should all just go emigrate to Thailand or somewhere and let them marry or strike up relationships with the Muslim men who will remain.

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6 thoughts on “Woman only police stations suggested

  1. The idea might have some merit in shit-holes like Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala and India, but Australia?

    Actually, there are probably more than a few male coppers who would love the idea. Would get the women out of their hair and they might get a partner they can depend upon when trying to stop a pub brawl.


    • Thanks for the link. I think murder should just be murder, EOS. All this stuff about women is basically a Marxist divisive strategy designed to pit man against woman and create disharmony and weaken our society, Same old same old. Rich poor. White black. Old young. It all has tremendous traction at the moment and this worries me a lot.


      • Yeah, I didn’t comment on what I thought about it, but I was flummoxed really. This just puts into law that the life of a female is worth more than that of a male. I applaud the increased sentences, but it should be across the board.


        • Yes, realised you’d probably think that. You’re right of course. And one could also say that it suggests the life of a male is worth less than that of a female.


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