I can hammer in a damn nail, and so can Winston

JKY’know, I couldn’t decide if John Key’s failure to hammer a nail into a piece of wood was trivia I should ignore, or whether it was an event of some significance.

I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Then I thought about all of the friends I have in life, and it occurred to me that most of the people whose company I enjoyed the most were those who were not only intelligent but capable of doing things.

For example Mick the welder/ boilermaker who worked for years on drilling rigs and now runs his own business employing a hundred people. He’s one of the most interesting guys I know for his views on all and sundry, as well as being a brilliant boilermaker and an excellent businessman.

I can’t say that learning John Key can’t hammer a nail into a piece of wood was a surprise, or that he left it to his wife to hire men to do work around the house. I guess he’s that kind of guy, and I must say it fits in with my impression of Key, a guy who seems to have a narrow perspective on life in general. A kind of MSM fed banking executive who drifted into politics because it was his ambition.

I’d say he’s find it hard to have a conversation with my good friend Mick who is as smart as a whip but spent many years in the grime and dust and heat and flies of outback Australia rather than the carpeted air-conditioned offices of Singapore.

Winston Peters is not anyone I have supported to any great extent in the past, but I’m impressed that he can hammer in a nail, while holding another in his teeth like a tradey.

Anyway, I decided that when you have a leader of a country who can’t hammer a nail into a piece of wood, it really does have some significance. For sure, he wouldn’t be much use to my friend Mick.

4 thoughts on “I can hammer in a damn nail, and so can Winston

  1. It reminds me of the Mitre 10 advert with the two guys at the end of their driveways – “You don’t want to be this guy….”

    I’m a computer programmer who has spent most of his working life in front of a screen and keyboard and yet even I can hammer in a damn nail. I wonder if Key can start a mower given that the Keys undoubtably have someone else do that for them as well.


    • Kinda fits in with keys irritating Progressive persona doesn’t it. Can’t hammer a nail into a piece of wood but knows we need marriage redefined and a new flag.


  2. Re the flag change, the arrogant Key isn’t even waiting for the referendum result before assigning new designs. But then, he doesn’t listen to referendums, anyway. As for the nail thing, maybe it was on purpose for a bit of celeb fun…


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