Perth- Call for mandatory high visibility clothing for cyclists

ABC News reports that the partner of a cyclist killed on WA roads last year has called on the Transport Minister to introduce a law requiring all cyclists to wear high-visibility vests.

Her partner, retired associate professor Paola Ferroni, was struck and killed by a 4WD as she rode her bike along Kings Park Road in West Perth last November. “That’s the sides of the problem here in Perth, that the motorists are not always aware of cyclists but cyclists are not always aware of the motorists,” Ms Coates said.

“Carmen Lawrence when she was the premier of the state introduced the helmet safety law, I think that we should actually have a law, Mr Nalder, that requires all cyclists to wear some form of visibility vest.”

Progressives- pffffttt… all every problem ever needs is a new regulation.

2 thoughts on “Perth- Call for mandatory high visibility clothing for cyclists

  1. There’s nothing stopping cyclists from wearing hi-viz vests right now if they wish to reduce the risk of getting skittled. Their choice, their responsibility, no regulation required.


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