Clarkson- inappropriate, unacceptable, offensive and all of that other PC BS

Clarkson I have a data base and in it I store snippets of information from all over the web. Its so huge now I have to be very discriminating about what I store there these days, but today I read something that just has to go in there. Thanks to reader EAD I was directed to an article by James Delingpole on Breitbart (really, one of the few news outlets with integrity,) where he defends Jeremy Clarkson, currently under suspension by the BBC for allegedly punching a producer.

The whole column is just the most wonderful take down of the would be ruling elite. It is classic Delingpole at his most cutting best. One paragraph in particular I felt I needed to reproduce here because it confronts one of the left’s favourite strategies head on. That’s the one where they try to make critics feel ashamed of themselves by deeming their words or actions as “inappropriate”, or “unacceptable”,or “offensive”.

So wide ranging are these descriptions they can be applied anywhere at anytime and usually the produce such contrition that the guilty party is most often too ashamed to seek out the detail of his/ her crime. Which suits the left very well, for in most cases, there is no real crime other than that of offending some dopey left wing sensibility that wouldn’t stand in the court of logic for a millisecond.

Here is what Delingpole wrote- (Cohen is the Manager who suspended Clarkson)

Ah yes, “unacceptable”: that marvellously elastic weasel word so beloved by priggish liberal-lefties like Cohen. It masquerades as an objective standard, inviting us to believe that we inhabit a culture where everyone agrees what is “acceptable” and what is “unacceptable.” But what it actually tells is about nothing more than the personal prejudices of the gag-inducingly self-righteous, epically presumptuous, painfully right-on gimp who is using it.

So perfect. Could you ever imagine any professed NZ journalist writing anything so succinct and cutting and accurate and simultaneously so damaging to the left? Paddy Gower or Andrea Vance for example would tear their panties into shreds if they were ever confronted with such language, but more so with such TRUTH..!.

Please read the whole article. Its one out of the box.

Sack Danny Cohen not Jeremy Clarkson