Remember when they sneered at the term "Asian invasion"?

The Asia New Zealand Foundation has released a study into Auckland’s increasingly Asian population. The report focused on significant clusters of Auckland’s Asian population – so called “ethnoburbs”. Report author Wardlow Friesen said the findings were based on data from the latest census.

“Significant clusters can be seen in the newly developed housing areas around Botany Downs and Dannemora, where three Census Area Units (CAUs), which may be approximated to suburbs, have between 60 and 80 percent of their populations classified as Asian.

“Throughout Auckland 15 CAUs have more than 50 percent Asian populations – in the southeast, in the central business district (CBD), in various parts of the Auckland isthmus and in central parts of the North Shore.

“In some cases these concentrations are largely Chinese or Indian, but in others there is a considerable mixture of these and other groups.”

The report said the number of areas with more than 50 percent of the population being of Asian origin had increased. The report also highlighted that more than 21 percent Asian people living in Auckland were now New Zealand-born.

“It can be debated whether this constitutes ‘segregation’ and whether it is a problem.”

Well, all I can say about this really is that the multi-culturalists have got their way. The old NZ, that they despised, has gone, in Auckland anyway, and we’re now awash with Asian culture. Immigrants largely from Communist China who no doubt still carry the torch for their native political system.

Very soon they will have political clout, they’ll be in the police and justice system, and we’ll have to rely on them showing the same tolerance for NZers of European origin that we once showed them.

The country has been colonised, and it was all done under the guise of the “free market”. Which you can tell to be true by the huge numbers of Australians and New Zealanders who have flocked to Beijing. /Sarcasm off. What the elites behind this change have failed to realise is there is a stark difference between operating a free market and allowing the wholesale assailment of your country by people from another country.

In fact what we have suffered is an invasion from Communist China, pure and simple. If they’d come on Navy ships we would have fought them as invaders. Because they came under the guise of multiculturalism, we welcomed them.

I’ve decided quite firmly I am against multi-culturalism basically because I liked NZ well enough the way it was. I’ve decided it has been a grievous mistake. Who was it who decided that we would better off inviting an invading army of Communist Chinese into Auckland?

Who the hell was it? Because I don’t remember ever voting on giving up and giving away my parent’s and my grandparent’s and my great grandparent’s culture and heritage and burying it under a mountain of alien cultures.

Click here for a map of Auckland showing population of each suburb broken down into country of origin. Prepare to be amazed.

7 thoughts on “Remember when they sneered at the term "Asian invasion"?

  1. Poweful post Reddy,

    When the European population becomes just another minority (and a hated one – read the version of history your children are being indoctrinated with) in the nation our ancestors built, what will our grandchildren say to us?

    “Grandad what happened to the country called NZ you grew up in?”
    “Well, we decided to commit cultural suicide, because we were scared of being called a 6 letter word”


    • The National Parties manifesto supposedly suggested 60,000 immigrants per annum.I guess they would claim they have a mandate .


    • If you go to China, or Pakistan, or India, or Sth Korea, you find something different to what you find in NZ, in that all of their traditional cultures are still intact. There is no mass invasion of people from another country. There is no attack on the traditional family structure. No breakdown of heritage and values.

      Its only happening in western countries and its real purpose is the destruction of the “power structures” the communists perceive as obstructing their progress.

      Sth Africa has always been a good example of how communists subvert a country. They used the apartheid system there as a weapon to break down the order that had existed and replace it with the new order.

      They attempt to do the same elsewhere, and where they can ferment division they will do it. There is no aparthied, (well not like that which gave them leverage in SA) but that doesn’t stop them raising any number of trojan horse substitutes. Racism and sexism are two of the most obvious ploys but there are many other similar poisonous concepts and they are all intended to divide us and break us down and destroy our social cohesion.

      When we have a shambles and disarray and a vacuum, (or better still a civil war) the same forces that stepped in in Sth Africa will step in here, and if they can’t grab power by gradually perverting democracy, in the end they’ll be happy to use violence.

      Anyone with a brain and a pair of eyes can see it all building. Especially with Obama in the US.


  2. Well everybody in Auckland don’t expect to have an ever growing standard of living. Expect a declining standard of living. 2/3rds of the world earns below $2 US a day. And some of those people have come here into Auckland. So you may have a skill that is worth $20 an hour, but remember you’re competing with people who are used to earning well below what you call the minimium wage. Have you noticed how many jobs ask how much do you expect to earn?

    And some of these people work under the counter. That means they don’t pay tax on their earnings. So do you really think they’re going to continue to pay for public education, if people don’t pay their fair share of taxes. And don’t expect to be able to sell things at a profitable price either. The people who are willing to work for so little, won’t pay much either.

    So, I expect those who have mortgages will find things a bit difficult. Because as they find it harder and harder to find a good paying job, they won’t be able to make those payments. Honestly, this is going to affect you. Now once you move to another town, what will you do differently? Will you demand a change in immigration rules.

    Well let’s see David Cunliffe and Andrew little said guilty till proven innocent if you are a man. So because of that, that’s why people just voted National. David Cunliffe, I blame you, that’s right its you I blame for this. Maybe you can write an angry letter to Mr Cunliffe and say if you don’t resign, I’m telling more people. Some people said their would be an Asian party, that Asian party is Act. They are the most pro immigrant party. They are the most sell our land party. They are the most lower pay party, and yet call themselves free market. And don’t think Labour or the Greens, Mana, or Maori party are going to help. They’ll just give us even more debt, which will make the problem of depending on overseas even worse.

    Oh and EAD, I know you’ve read Ayn Rand. I know in the book ‘Atlas Shrugged’ it gave a story in how, Western Civillization would be destroyed. Just wondering if this was in any way written in the book. Oh their is one shred of hope for Auckland. You can’t get welfare if you have lived here for less then two years, at least that was the case.

    So if migrants can’t find themselves a job quickly they’ll be gone. I’ve also noticed how you can be in a public place, and everybody just freely speaks whatever language they want. And yeah, once those used to a higher standard of living leave, the businesses’ goods will be supported by those earning low wages. So you’ll see a price collapse. Expect a big economic correction soon.


  3. Oh, actually things have slowly got a little bit better. The $2 a day statistic is now out of date. Its now nearly half according to the UN. The other statistic was from a book called ‘The Matrix as it is’ by David E Robinson. In either case its still a lot of people who are earning $2 a day.

    So here is the UN’s statistic.


  4. No mandate from Kiwis for this, no debate either.
    Just government operating how it sees fit and trying to pay for its bribes with immigration/easy growth.
    The west has got lazy and stupid, on the back of past generations.
    NZ is just lucky Its not 60k per year Muslims.


  5. Asians think that we are a joke. They have a long term plan to take over this country and we are handing it to them on a silver platter. Their culture is extremely different to ours. They are out for number one and they are buying up our country at an increasingly fast pace. They will eventually own our country and instead of our children owning houses they will rent them off Asians. Eventually we will be the guests in their country and they actually scoff at us for letting them do it. Let’s see how fair, tolerant and charitable they are to kiwis once they own us. We were all warned of the consequences of an Asian Invasion but in the name of tolerance and political correctness we did nothing. Asians are here to take everything we have and not only do we gladly hand it over we go out of our way to support them in doing so. Wake up New Zealand


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