Chicoms building second aircraft carrier

China's first aircraft carrier

China’s first aircraft carrier

Chinese officials have confirmed that the country is currently building a second aircraft carrier, according to a number of Chinese and Taiwanese media sources.

The former political commissar of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy Liu Xioajiang told the Hong Kong Commercial Daily that that Beijing’s second carrier, which would be China’s first indigenously produced carrier, was only the start of the nation’s maritime ambitions.

The drive to develop an aircraft carrier is in keeping with Beijing’s ambition of becoming its region’s leading military power. In addition to the carrier, China has been developing a new generation of anti-ship cruise missiles, guided missile naval destroyers, and ballistic missile submarines in an effort to more effectively project power away from the Chinese coastline.

Well, if the new carrier ever makes a visit to Auckland the crew can be assured of a warm welcome from their countrymen who will probably dominate the place by the time its built.

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  1. Watched a news item last night explaining how China was investing in many areas of Zimbabwe economy.
    They’re everywhere.


    • Yes, China’s global expansion came out of a Communist Party resolution passed in the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee way back in December 1978.

      Its intent is not to allow the free west to influence China, but to strengthen communism globally and to grow the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in the west.


  2. Carriers may be useful for showing military strength in a particular region, however when it comes to ‘war’ virtually useless. They can and will easily be sunk by modern generation hypersonic ‘carrier killer’ missiles if it came to the crunch. Ultimately it will not be worth the time and $20 billion expense having them only to be sunk by a missile that costs maybe a few million.
    That said if it came the the WWIII crunch it is likely the world would not survive.



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