The coming “clueless millennial” bubble, is it the end?

Dopey millennialsThe older generation thinks the newer generation are a bunch of clueless bumpkins. Yeah yeah, we’ve all heard all that before. According to the progressives, there’s nothing to worry about. Over on Kiwiblog there are legions of communists who will tell you today’s kids are no different to yesterday’s.

Well, its not that simple. For one thing, the next generation are inheriting a legacy identified by the fiscal irresponsibility and moral relativism of the Progressive era. For another thing, says Steve Deacy at the Washington Times, millennials appear to be detached from every foundation necessary for self government- personal responsibility, morality and strong families.

70 percent of American males between the ages of 20-34 are single and living in a state of “perpetual adolescence.” These are prime reproductive years and most young men appear to be sitting them out, or at the very least they’re inseminating and then splitting as evidenced by an out-of-wedlock birth rate that has soared to 41 percent of all childbirths. Almost one-third of millennials are still living at home with either mom and/or dad. Its not just an American problem. Its a Western problem.

For the first time in history, married heterosexual couples with children comprise the minority of households. Needless to say, that is not a sustainable trend for any culture seeking to pass on its virtues and values to the next generation.

It gets worse.

Of the 22 industrialized countries that took part in a job-skills survey overseen by a branch of Princeton University, American millennials ranked in the bottom third overall. Still worse, in the category of “problem solving in technology-rich environments,” American young adults ranked dead last. Even college-educated millennials didn’t fare well, scoring better than just Poland and Slovakia.

And it gets even worse.

Mr. Deacy says uur millennials are so spiritually and morally lost that even if they wanted to correct their shortcomings, their generation lacks the wherewithal to do so. It’s gotten so bad out there that even the notoriously leftist New York Times just published an op-ed bemoaning “our kids don’t believe in moral facts.”

Deacy writes- In recent years we’ve lamented numerous economic bubbles that finally popped, but none of those threatened us existentially like the coming Millennial bubble does. Millennials generationally have the fewest well-adjusted adults, families and qualified breadwinners than ever before. It’s a perfect storm that is the cultural equivalent of an extinction-level event.

The coming systemic cultural meltdown did not occur in a vacuum. To put it bluntly, our millennials are simply products of the toxic environment previous generations reared them in. This is learned behavior.

I have to say my own observations generally concur with this hypothesis. However Mr. Deacy sees a ray of light. He thinks if it can be learned, it can be un-learned. I’m not so sure I agree with that. Who the hell is going to be around with the knowledge that needs to be conveyed as part of the un-learning process?

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  1. Red, this is precisely what the Progs have been working towards for a century. They despise us – grown-ups – and have been striving since Day One to turn people into perpetual adolescents. Their attacks on the institutions of civilised society – education, the Church and (most importantly) the family have all been leading deliberately to this point.

    The reason is clear; grown-ups are self-sufficient. If you can create people who go through their entire lives and never leave their teen years, they will forever need parents. And that’s where Mummy and Daddy government step in. Fund them, feed them, house them, clothe them. Reliant on Mummy and Daddy for their entire lives.

    The flaw in their plan, of course, was that once they have their way, who will take over being Mummy and Daddy when they die? The only grown-ups left are we contrarians, and we clearly can’t be trusted with their precious children. Nope, progressivism was only ever a one- or two-generation deal, and there are only two possible outcomes. Either we lose and western civilisation dies, or we win and progressivism dies.


    • “Either we lose and western civilisation dies, or we win and progressivism dies.”

      I’d like to think the battle is winnable Gantt but when I see stuff like the above its accuracy fills me with despair. Its an overwhelming force. Take some beating.


    • Ahh, but Gantt guy don’t forget who the real enemy is, the one who came to earth, to steal, kill and destroy. The one who opposes God’s plans and is excellent at money and music (John 10:10; Ezekiel 28), some of these elitists serve the devil, and if they destroy Western Civilisation they will be happy. But they find ways to justify their behaviour to those who’ll believe anything. Those who forget their history repeat it. I’m amazed at the absolute ignorance of some people, and that’s why they’re being taken advantage of.


  2. No surprises here, look at what welfare-ism and entitlement have done to the Maori family unit a complete breakdown of the family unit.

    One of the problems is Government greed.

    Most TAX policies are not family friendly.

    Parents cannot spit income for TAX purposes, would cost the Government to much in TAX revenue.

    My accountant had to spend a lot of time explaining to the IRD, justifying why we split the income in our family business. 1. We both work in the business and 2. we were $9000 better off.

    You cannot get a solo parent benefit with a partner, so one night stands are encouraged, and the resultant 5 children to 5 different Fathers.

    In just about if not every case Mum and DAD are better off not being together.

    Had a friend on the benefit long turn, because of his 3 children he was better off not working. Employers pay based on what you can do for them, not on how many children you have, the benefit is paid based on how many children you have.

    The answer is to start dismantling the welfare system, this won’t happen so we shall have to fall all the way to the bottom of the cliff.

    A vicious cycle that and I will say it again, will all end very badly.


    • MrBlobby, you are certainly speaking my language. Where everything went wrong is the DPB, universal welfare and universal pension. Before the DPB, universal welfare and the universal pension didn’t exist. After the great depression, everybody had a social security account. When you were in need, money came out of your social securtiy account, When you paid income tax, money went into your social security account. When you retired, your pension was based on how much of a net contribution you made. Everybody did what they could. It was a now or later welfare system. You receive a lot now, little money for your pension. You receive a little now, a lot for your pension.

      To pave way for the DPB, where someone could be on it for 20 years and have the same pension you and I have should their be one left when you and I retire, they had to change the system, to universal welfare and universal pension, where you get the same no matter what kind of a contribution you have made. This change is just simply not working. And that’s why I propose we make your pension proportional to how much income tax you’ve paid, and how little you’ve received.

      It looks like what is going to happen, if nothing changes, is their will be no pension, and the farms will be sold to pay the bills, and this will continue till their is nothing left for us to sell. So with my proposal, if the government does it, and I am a little worse off, I am quite happy to make that sacrifice, for the responsible people who made a good contribution. What do you think of my idea?


  3. RB – The education system works perfectly, exactly as designed.

    It churns out dumb bovine, obedient slaves who wont ask too many questions and are incapable of critical thinking.

    It functions exactly as planned and nothing will change. Nothing will ever be any different.

    Socialism works very well in the NZ. It has turned a once great nation into a dysfunctional mess. This is exactly what it is supposed to do, rot society from the inside out.


    • EAD, Jordan Maxwell said that the future of education for the New World Order would be training. You train a cat to do exactly what you want it to do. And that seems to be the way education is going at the moment. Education should be about well-informed critical thinkers. Well that’s not the case is it no, training is what is really going on. In fact one political party wanted to go even further.

      They wanted to have it that instead of going to university, someone could do on the job training, and get a student allowance. Now some people might think that’s a great idea. But I don’t think its the direction we need to go down. We need people to come up with new ideas, new products into the marketplace. And that would bring us further away from taking on the real issues. And I blame Cunliffe. He distracted us with his anti man speech, so that became the issue. He’s the real problem.


    • Oh, the perfect example of dumb obedient slaves is Griff on kiwiblog. He was very dogmatic about the environment. I said to him a number of times the ETS goes to other countries to grow there trees, we are paying it, it doesn’t grow our own trees or clean our rivers and it is a rip off. He couldn’t understand even that. That it simply isn’t doing a damn thing for our environment. And he just kept on pushing and pushing. And when I said to him, I wonder what redbaiter would say, then he started to say negative about red. Griff is not very bright.


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