Ted Cruz- three point plan for presidency, if he runs

Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Matt Salmon A day ago, Ted Cruz was asked if he was going to run for President. “Well, I was in Iowa last week, South Carolina yesterday and New Hampshire today,” Cruz hinted. “I am looking at it very, very seriously.”

Cruz thinks the US is at the point of no return.

“Every one of us knows the threat facing this country is enormous,” he said. “If it continues like this for another four to eight years, we risk losing the greatest country in the world.”

Cruz briefly outlined three major points of contention with the Obama administration. Specifically, he wants to see job growth in the private sector, the simplification of the way the Internal Revenue Service collects taxes, and regulatory reform by way of repealing “every word of ObamaCare.”

Although addressing the need for more jobs, Cruz suggested abolishing the IRS, which employs 110,000 agents. Instead, he proposed that those agents be lined up along the border with Mexico.

“If you saw them there, you’d turn around and go home, too,” he laughed.

I’m backing Cruz, with Scott Walker as the fall back.