Indigeneous Australians protest welfare cuts

"Aborigine" protesters in Perth CBD

“Aborigine” protesters in Perth CBD

Aborigine groups are going spare all over Australia because Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said the federal govt will no longer provide funds to the West Australian state govt for the upkeep of remote communities.

West Australian Premier Colin Barnett was pushed by a protester at a rally outside Parliament, and some protesters called him a “maggot” and yelled abuse at him.

I can’t get the issue here. For so long we have heard whining from indigenous groups that they have been dispossessed of their land and their way of life. Well, here it is being handed back to them. Free of any “encumbrances” from the rest of Australia. The Aborigines are free to live where ever they want, and live as they did in the past, without any intervention, and without any funding. Given their attachment to the land, their ability to survive by hunting and fishing, what the hell is the problem?? They are actually being given what they have been forever asking for.

Except its not that at all is it? Its not about standing for your rights as Aborigines, unless you think you have an endless right to use other people’s money. These people don’t want what they say they want. They just want to keep sucking on the taxpayer tit and living where ever they choose.

Abbott will back down on this, as he has backed down on everything else when under pressure. I wish he wouldn’t. Its time to end all of the hypocrisy cant and lies about Aborigine Australia. Every Aborigine in Australia, man woman and child, receives almost $50,000 annually from the public purse. That is twice as much as any other racial group.

Meanwhile, nothing has improved. Its time for a new approach and I think cutting the corrosive force of welfare is the best thing Abbott or any politician can do to help Aborigines.

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  1. You’re dealing with the truly thick here. Look at the sign in the background… “STOP THE FORCED CLOSURE OF ABORIGINAL COMMUNITIES!!”. What forced closure? These people really think that the rest of Australia owes them a living while they sit on the collective arses. The mentality is sickening.


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