Hey Sam- here’s what I think of your “race relations day”

A National party press release-

This year’s Race Relations Day gives all New Zealanders the chance to contribute to positive race relations and human rights, Ethnic Communities Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-liga says.

The theme this year is Big Change Starts Small. “We can all do our part, no matter how small, to ensure that New Zealanders of every ethnic background are treated with respect,” Mr Lotu-liga says.

“New Zealand is one of the most ethnically diverse nations and we have come a long way in creating positive race relations. We still have some way to go but change can start with the smallest gesture.”

Race Relations Day is New Zealand’s equivalent of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, held each year on 21 March.

Just one thing Sam- You never asked me if I wanted change, big or small, and I don’t really. I was quite happy with things the way they were.

Only one other thing to say really to this divisive PC garbage you’re forcing upon us, and best said graphically. Boot the day and boot the Minister and boot the Ministry.


7 thoughts on “Hey Sam- here’s what I think of your “race relations day”

  1. Iowahawk tweet: “I was just trying to start a national conversation on dismemberment.” – Robert Durst


    • Just for those who live in Rio Lindo (A Rush reference)

      Iowahawk is poking all pols who see a gain for themselves by stirring up divisiveness, and does it by linking them to those who are pushing post-birth abortion. (dismemberment being one of their more gruesome methods.)

      It’s a superior tweet for those who comprehend the monsters who are trying to rule free peoples.


  2. The thing is guys its just so arrogant. The “big change” they refer to is our way of life and our society, and who the hell was ever asked if they wanted this big change, why do we apparently need it, and who decided it should be forced upon us?

    I am just growing to destest these scum of the earth politicians so much. They have no regard for our traditional NZ society and think it is just a mat for immigrants to wipe their feet on as they enter.


    • Arrogance is often present in rulers though it is not universal.
      Arrogance in pols who seek to rule? What are the odds?

      You ask “who asked them.” They’re non reply speaks volumes. That’s my point. And I think it was Iowahawks since he did his play on words about dismemberment inserted into the words on race by the CEO of Starbucks.

      I forgot who said it, but there’s this line that seems to apply ever more frequently to contemporary issues that were long mostly dead: “They may seek to rule for all the best reasons; but they mean to rule.”


  3. Sounds more like the road to apartheid to me.

    Where some are better than others because of their race.

    When asked my race I still have to go as New Zealander under the other category.


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