Latest poll again shows strategic error of Key’s rejection of Conservative Party

David Farrar’s Curiablog reports on the latest (March) Roy Morgan poll

Party Support

National 46.5% (-2.5%)
Labour 31.0% (+1.0%)
Green 11.0% (-1.0%)
NZ First 6.0% (nc)
Maori 2.0% (+1.0%)
United Future 0.0% (nc)
ACT 1.0% (+1.0%)
Mana/Internet 0.0% (nc)
Conservative 1.5% (nc)

Projected Seats

National 58
Labour 38
Green 14
Maori 2
United Future 1
NZ First 7
Total 121

This is based on no change in electorate seats.

Coalition Options

CR – National 58 + ACT 1 + United Future 1 = 60/121 – one fewer than the minimum needed to govern
CL – Labour 38 + Greens 14 = 52/121 – nine fewer than the minimum needed to govern
C – NZ First 7 + Maori 2 = 9/121

On this poll the centre parties would hold the balance of power. National would need either the Maori Party or NZ First to govern, while Labour would need both of them.

There were 100,000 votes out there from Conservatives that the Progressive John Key spurned on ideological grounds. He did this when the National Party is by tradition a Conservative party. If Key had encouraged a coalition with the Conservatives, they probably would have got over the threshold, and Key would now have a badly needed bolster against the gradual encroachment of the far left.

When are the National Party going to wake up to the fact that they have the archetypcial Manchurian candidate as their party leader. Are they all too intimidated by the Key Joyce faction to make a stand against this left wing disaster? The Malcolm Fraser of the National Party?

The National Party as it stands, as infatuated with divisive Marxist ideas as the Labour party, has done nothing but take the country further left and now opens the door and puts out the welcome mat for Labour to continue on where Helen Clark left off. Key is the worst National Party leader ever and not the least because he has been able to fool so many people into thinking otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Latest poll again shows strategic error of Key’s rejection of Conservative Party

  1. No need to panic the Maori party is brought and paid for, baubles of office etc.

    Personally the price is a bit high. But it is an easy choice when somebody else is paying for it.


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  3. Why on earth are you calling National 58 + ACT 1 + United Future 1 “CR” for “Centre Right”

    They are communists, pure and simple. Mensheviks. And CL – Labour 38 + Greens 14 aren’t Centre left – but Extreme Left, Bolshevik / Trotskyite / Stalinists.


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