Cultural tyranny mars rugby game

David Pocock

David Pocock

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a NSW forward will be investigated for allegedly using the word “faggot” when addressing two different Brumbies players in the second half of the blockbuster derby at Allianz Stadium. The Brumbies made a formal complaint after the match.

Brumbies flanker David Pocock took the allegation to referee Craig Joubert in the 67th minute as his side trailed by 10 points, and made his concerns known again in the 72nd minute. Joubert said he did not hear the remarks – allegedly made at scrum time – but asked NSW captain Michael Hooper to have a word to his forwards.

“I’m getting some pretty aggressive comments coming from your guys – that there are homophobic slurs [being made],” Joubert said. Hooper replied: “We’re not into that”.

But that did little to satisfy Pocock, who is a vocal supporter for same sex marriage rights.

Sounds to me like Pocock needs to maybe give up rugby and go play netball.

These inquistions have to stop and I don’t know why the players tolerate such attacks upon their civil rights. No one should ever expect to go through life completely un-offended, and any immature desire for that fantastical state to exist has to take a back seat to freedom of expression. We are free men, and not subject to the wittering complaints and dictates of puffed up authoritarian social engineers.

5 thoughts on “Cultural tyranny mars rugby game

  1. Perhaps the thing that amazes me the most about the cultural tyranny that surrounds us is the way grown men are being infantalised. Whether it be the likes of Pocock or Politicians like Key or Obama or Cameron, or cultural figures like “boy bands” or even worse, the Police “Service”, we have so many girly men in the public spotlight.

    If someone said something to me on the rugby pitch which I didn’t like, I would deal to them in the next ruck or line them up for a big tackle. Complaining to the referee says more about Pocock than the players that called the Brumbies players names.


  2. Yes, its disappointing to see how the Waratahs captain and the referee immediately cringed to Pocock’s PC garbage. Where the hell is their spirit?


  3. I thought Pocock was a bit of a real dude.
    Seems he’s just a pansy gay lover.
    The homos won’t be satisfied till everyone agrees with their total perversions.
    How far have we sunk – and are still going down.


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