Woodhouse open minded on suggestions to increase refugee intake

Woodhouse & Key RNZ reports-

National Party Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse says the Government is open to revising the number of refugees New Zealand accepts each year.

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy told TV3’s The Nation that New Zealand should lift its game by resettling more refugees. She said it was unacceptable that the country accepted only 750 refugees a year.

MrWoodhouse said the the Government’s approach was to resettle who it can. The Government reviewed the number of quota refugees New Zealand takes every three years and the next opportunity was early next year, he told Morning Report. “The Minister of Foreign Affairs and I would make a recommendation to cabinet. “I can’t rule out a change in the number of refugees that we accept in the future and I keep an open mind about that.”

I suggest that if those “refugees” were settled in Mr. Woodhouse’s neighbourhood he would be a little less open minded on the issue. What I would like to hear him say it that although the Govt is mindful of the need to assist genuine refugees, the number we accept has to be considered in terms of the disruption to our traditional culture. For example-

TV One news, Thursday December 18, 2014 – A 24-year-old Somali refugee who holds a New Zealand passport will stand trial next year for breaking Australia’s tough anti-terror laws. This morning a Melbourne judge decided there was enough evidence against Amin Mohamed to send him to trial on four charges of preparing to enter a foreign state to “engage in armed hostilities”. Mohamed was stopped by Federal agents at Brisbane Airport last September as he attempted to board a flight to Turkey. He is accused of preparing to fight in the Syrian civil war and could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

2 thoughts on “Woodhouse open minded on suggestions to increase refugee intake

  1. I would not mind the increase if they were all Christians and Jews who were in fear of their lives.


  2. I wouldn’t have an issue with accepting more refugees, provided they were – say – farmers from Rhodesia( now Zimbabwe), or Christians from Syria, Iraq, north Africa or Nigeria -or any of those Islamic states where Christians are being slaughtered daily for their faith. These people hold our values and fit in
    with our culture.
    The Mussies do not..


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