Mid week music- “The Flesh Failures- Let the Sunshine In”

This is to me a particularly interesting live performance of a great song. Its the cast of the recent Broadway revival of Hair, a musical written in 1967 by James Rado & Gerome Ragni (lyrics), and Galt MacDermot (music). Hair kind of epitomised the hippy era, and drove considerable cultural change, and I think this performance captures the futility of that time so well. Which is a surprising thing considering those who perform the song today are from an entirely different era.

A powerful vocal by the lead male (Gavin Creel) and female (Caissie Levy), but what is also interesting is the passion with which the whole ensemble performs. Check the red headed girl on the right (Alison Case) for an exceptionally impassioned performance, where at the end of the song she’s on her knees begging the audience to join in. Talk about a time warp.

The song was performed in this instance at the Same Sex Marriage Rally in NYC May 17, 2009. I disagree with that cause of course but that disagreement should not prevent me from appreciating what is in essence an outstanding performance.

The song had a short title of “Let the Sunshine In” but its full title is “The Flesh Failures- Let the Sunshine In”. Whereas the lyrics are sung with meaning, I’d appreciate a translation if anyone from that era knows what they are truly saying. To me it seems like an ode to a collapsing civilisation, but I could be wrong.