Conquest by womb

I picked up this quote from a forum somewhere and can’t find its actual origin.

“Back in 1961 the population of Pakistan was 43 million it is now 188 million, in Nigeria it was 45 million it is now 179 million, in India it was 439 million and now it is 1.29 billion. We must realise that this isn’t about hatred, it isn’t about racism, it is about survival. This is how our countries become their countries and how eventually our children lose their birthright.

At the end of WW2 European peoples made up 33% of the worlds population, it is now less than 8%. Sadly as we are out bred our culture and history will become less and less important, until one day they are finally forgotten. We have spent fortunes trying to fight poverty amongst other cultures but all we have succeed in doing is boosting their numbers, and for all our technology our future is in doubt due to what can only be described as conquest by womb.

It’s interesting food for thought, and I think its pretty much inarguable that European womens’ wombs in western civilisations are pretty much under-utilized. 80% of NZ’s population growth in the last couple of decades has been the net inflow of non NZ citizens.

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  1. I have a book titled “How Civilisations Die”. It supports what you say about western civilisation but argues that Islam is dying too. Iran’s birthrate is already among the world’s lowest. When women become self indulgent or see little hope in the future for their children they close their legs and that’s become common as we get richer and more depressed. It sounds weird but its a good read.


    • It does seem a common theme, the richer you get the more depressed you become.

      Not sure about “see little hope in the future for their children they close their legs ” It seems to me to be the opposite. The poor breed like rabbits everywhere including here.

      What I don’t understand is why bring children into the World, when you have no idea of how you are going to feed and look after them.

      In the west it is the welfare system, but that is just not sustainable long term In third World countries it is lunacy, years of droughts, famine, war and still we have people holding out malnourished babies asking for food.

      I do not give to any charity outside New Zealand 1. because the administration costs means so little actually gets to the needy and 2. it really makes no difference nothing changes.

      Ask World vision and others how much their CEO’s get paid for their fundraising efforts.


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