Judges who jail on convictions of “homophobia”

If you’re possessed by an irrational fear of spiders you’re suffering from arachnophobia. If you’re possessed by an irrational fear of open spaces, you’re suffering from agoraphobia. These conditions are recognised among the medical profession as legitimate illnesses. People are diagnosed as sufferers, and they are cured by medical treatment.

Homophobia is a word that is very popular today. One would think, wouldn’t one, that it can be put in the same category as arachnophobia and agoraphobia. In fact it can’t. Its a made up word, and it’s intent is to shame people. Shame people into accepting the militant homosexual political movement and their quest to be regarded as normal.

There is no such recognised medical condition and no one has been diagnosed as suffering or therefore cured by the application of medicinal techniques. (psychiatry)

Homophobia, or homophobic or any derivation exists only as a propaganda term and its purpose and application is to cause shame.

Its doubly strange for in the fifties homosexuality was regarded as a psychiatric condition. This was changed after political pressure from organised homosexual protest groups. Now those very protesters are seeking to label those who disagree with them as suffering from some kind of phobia. How the worm turns. The real point is, no one should be labeled insane or intolerant for being disgusted by this kind of behaviour, that is typical of the militant homosexual political movement.

You’ll most frequently find the word used among the insufferable progressives and cultural Marxists who dominate our media and also our educational sectors. Yesterday it was used by a judge who suggested that if an offender has been guilty of suffering from homophobia then they deserve greater punishment than usual. In this case a jail term rather than community detention and reparation of $450.

The case involves a bar manager, presumably homosexual, who was assaulted in August last year. The prosecution and the defence both agreed “homophobia was not a factor in the assault”. However the Judge said the offender “would probably have been jailed if homophobia was shown to be the motivating factor in the assault.”

This judge is a disgrace to his profession and needs to be removed from the bench. He’s using a made up propaganda term to address a medical condition that does not exist and suggesting that he is capable of diagnosing that non-existent medical condition. If I was facing this charge I would ask for a medical opinion on my sanity and if the Judge wanted to convict me of being “homophobic” I’d insist upon a medical certification to prove it.

I think most people once sympathized with homosexuals and their vulnerability to violent attitudes but this kind of propagandising bullshit, made up lies, smearing people as insane, and a compromised judiciary applying penalties on the basis of this half baked rubbish are factors that have caused many people to re-evaluate that sympathy.

Otago Daily Times- Gay bar assault “not homophobia”

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  1. What’s happening is we’re getting “hate” crimes by stealth.Certain minorities are now to be given more protection than others by the courts. So much for equality before the law.


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