WhaleOil blog feeling the heat for anti-National stance

There’s been a bit of scuttlebutt about the blogosphere relating to Cameron Slater’s recent frequent criticisms of the National Party. Fans of John Key and the Nats are apparently feeling hurt and betrayed by Slater’s candid criticisms of their party and its leaders.

I don’t necessarily agree with the criticisms Slater makes, given that they’re mostly based on strategy rather than policy. He could be right but the real problem that needs to be highlighted with National is their slow slide to the left, John Key’s failures in leadership, and the party’s rank and shameless betrayal of its founding principles.

Well, that is why I criticise them anyway, and I think most readers understand that if they’re looking for sycophantic support of National, they’re wasting their time coming to TrueblueNZ. My mission statement at top right makes my political position pretty clear. (and while we’re on the subject I promise my readers that they will not have to suffer various air-headed clickbait from YouTube or elsewhere plainly designed to boost visit numbers. This is a political blog and I try to keep it that way.)

The National Party has to realise that as every day goes by and John Key panders to voters on the basis of his “cheerful good guy” image, the end of the shelf life of their product is getting ever closer. I think Slater deserves some credit (even if he can’t help his own progressive proclivities), for not being a hopeless National Party echo chamber like too many blogs who profess themselves to be right wing.

I wonder if the backlash in Northland is a demonstration that the general dissatisfaction with the Nats is getting stronger. I for one feel more betrayed every day by National, especially as it dawns more and more that their policies have perhaps irretrievably changed this country from what it was.

National/ Key supporters have to realise that their electoral support will not go on forever, and after six years of very little change for the good, and a lot of change for the worse, their store of goodwill is going to naturally reduce.

Frankly, I’m as appalled at what has been done as by what has not been done. The flag change issue kind of tops it off for me. An exclamation mark emphasizing John Key’s contempt for the core of the party.

My POV is that Key’s Nationals have been so ineffective I can’t wait to see the back of them. Not because I want an even further left wing govt, but because it appears nothing but a time in opposition will bring the Nats to their senses. Maybe next time we’ll get a party and leader that stands by the Conservative principles National once stood for and opposes the cultural Marxists rather than embraces them.

5 thoughts on “WhaleOil blog feeling the heat for anti-National stance

  1. There was so much promise and the hope that Key could deal to so many issues when we got rid of Clarke.
    What has eventuated has been a huge disappointment.
    I think many are trying to tell the Nats but they think they know best. I will not even bother talking to my MP who is in cabinet because he is so pathetic and just parrots the Key line.
    I hope kiwis are waking up and as you suggest Northland may reflect a backlash.


  2. I think you are giving to much credit to Blubber Boy and Whaleshit.

    After his very public admissions that he was a dirty despicable piece of shit. The revelations that he was, secretly, accepting payment for favorable treatment.

    The embarrassment he caused to national and the PM.

    The Politicians that sucked up to him for fear of being targeted.

    Now that he is a political liability, the phone has stopped ringing and calls/texts are going unanswered.

    He is trying to make himself relevant again. Hoping that sooner or later they will want to suck up to him again.

    It may well work given the caliber of the National MP’s


  3. Is it just me or do others suspect Slater is doing the groundwork for the future promotion of J Collins.He is constantly attacking those who would be ahead of her in the pecking order.

    I think many wise heads and not so wise heads are devoting much energy to who will one day succeed J Key.


    • Yeah, he could be, although if Collins is still an ally of Slater I would need to question her judgment. It was his idiot boasting that caused a lot of her troubles, and you would think she would learn.


      • I agree but it’s what Cam thinks that matters. I think he has an inflated opinion of his place in politics

        Too often guilty of over promising and under delivering. Having said that I do read his blog, but find I some of it interesting.


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