Victoria is the Soviet Union State of Australia- Quotas for board appointments

Melbourne May Day street march

Melbourne May Day street march

Victorian Government board appointments must be at least 50 per cent women, under new rules being introduced by the recently elected Labour State Government.

The ABC reports that the 50 per cent quota will also apply to the courts in a bid to encourage more women to join the judiciary. Premier Daniel Andrews made the announcement at the Labor Party state conference in Melbourne.

“I’m sick of walking into meetings and seeing a room full of blokes sitting around the table,” Mr Andrews said.The quota will apply to all Victorian courts and all paid Government board positions, including Treasury Corporation, Public Transport Victoria, Melbourne Health and the Country Fire Authority.

“Of all of the appointments my Government makes between now and November 2018, at least one half of them will be women, and I’ll be held accountable for it,” Mr Andrews said. “Under this Government, equity is not negotiable.”

Victoria’s growth rate was just 1.7% last year. This compares to West Australia where the economy grew by 5.5% and the Northern Territory at 6.5%. The national average is 2.5%. Victoria is ahead of only South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT.

Victoria’s GSP per capita went backwards in 2013-14. It shrank 0.2%, meaning the total growth of the state’s economy was due merely to population growth rather than any actual improvement in economic performance.

The bottom line is Victoria is a communist/ socialist basket case that bludges off the hard working and productive states of Australia. Its government should be focusing on lifting the state’s growth rate and productivity rather than fooling around with Soviet era thinking on quotas that will undoubtedly diminish the effectiveness of any body they are applied to.