Is generous Chinese govt aid a front for colonisation of the South Pacific?

Above is a map produced by the Sydney based Lowy Institute, an independent international policy think tank, detailing Communist Chinese aid projects throughout the Pacific. (If you go to their site you can see much more detail in the full version interactive map.) RNZ reports that

..Communist China is moving to boost its one on one links with individuals in the Pacific. As part of its efforts to grow links with island nations, Beijing has established a NZ$1.3 billion loan facility for the Pacific Islands. China’s President Xi Jinping has also pledged to provide 2000 university scholarships and 5000 training opportunities for Pacific Islanders in the next five years.

Meanwhile, more Chinese migrants are coming to live and do business in Pacific islands. The pattern broadly follows the Chinese government’s outreach strategy for Pacific Islands, offering more trade and investment than ever before.

China has a long-running relationship with Samoa and the examples of its high impact aid projects in Apia are many. But the Chinese are still some way off winning the hearts and minds of Pacific Islanders. Resentment at Chinese dominance in small to medium businesses throughout the Islands region is rife.

Walk into a supermarket or general store in most Pacific island countries and chances are you will find it is run by Chinese. A specialist in Samoan governance from the University of Otago’s Department of Politics, Iati Iati, has just concluded a survey in Samoa of grassroots views on Chinese in the country, and says there is a lot of concern that Samoans are being driven out of business.

Dr Iati says the most recent wave of Chinese immigrants does not seem to want to integrate with Samoa society.

“Not even to a small degree. The latest wave, they want to keep to themselves.”

Where ever the Chinese go in the Pacific, it seems to attract criticism. This is especially the case in Papua New Guinea. A specialist in journalism and publishing at PNG’s Divine Word University, Patrick Matbob says lax systems and widespread corruption in his country mean Chinese criminal interests have found an easy foothold.

The West seems unwilling to recognise that in terms of planning, Beijing thinks not in years but in decades and centuries. Its clear its long term objective is to colonise the Sth Pacific and it would take only a fraction of China’s 1.5 billion population to completely submerge local populations. NZers who welcome the vast invasion of Chinese into Auckland and other parts of the country should think long and hard about that.

An old friend of mine once said something to me that has stayed with me all my life and as simple as it is, it has been invaluable in understanding global political strategies. He said “Just look at the map.” If you look at the map above, what do you think it implies, in particular in reference to any long term military strategy that China may be planning?

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  1. Its a copy of the Japanese plan hatched in the 1930’s but the manner of execution is different. Once entrenched they, like the Japanese of the early 1940’s, will not go voluntarily. I suspect that the Chinese, like the Japanese, have underestimated the resolve of those they seek to control. The riots is Lae a few years ago show how the locals will react.


  2. Dont say scary things like look at that map :0

    The biggest thing that annoys me about the Auckland housing market, is the idea that lack of supply is causing the ridiculous inflation. With current rates of immigration and foreign investment, it would make no absolutely no difference. it would certainly suit the building industry to get access to more land and a loosening of zoning restrictions, but first home and kiwi buyers wont be in mind as potential customers. Same thing goes for foreign investors buying NZ farms and Primary business, I dont buy the story that we need the capital or expertise. As far as ive seen, our ingenuity and produce suits our scale perfectly.

    Without the leadership and debate from government its hard to blame peoples lack of patriotism and selfishness. Why even have a flag at all…


    • Yes, there is a lack of supply of course but National keep ignoring that the reason for this lack of supply is massive immigration, that they encourage because it artificially improves their debt to GDP ratio. There is no “good economic management”, there is just massive immigration and an irresponsible degree of government pump priming.


  3. The politics of international aid is very amusing.

    The west still gives aid to Pakistan even though they are a nuclear power.

    India as well, not only a nuclear power, but also in the space race.

    We prop up the King on Tonga a dictatorship. Complete with royal family corruption and control of just about everything.

    We slam IS, with popular support from the people, for harsh justice and human rights abuses, but indulge Saudi Arabia, another autocratic dictatorship, and ignore their harsh justice system and human rights violations.

    The list is endless.

    Meanwhile we have starving children going to school without breakfast or lunch????

    At the same time we are obese and overweight?????


  4. I seem to remember reading once how the chinese had constructed roads, ( peacefully), into independant Tibet, before its later invasion by China & absorption into China.
    The Russians likewise I think, before the russian adventure into Afghanistan built roads

    Principle here. Those who sup with the Devil need to use a long spoon.


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  6. Read this article for the NZ’s defence outlook – warning it’s only for the hardcore

    That report is the stuff of nightmares. With our defence policy the way it is, with our people completely sheep like, with our government and senior defence personnel in complete dereliction of duty…It’s already curtains for NZ and it guts me to my stomach. To think of what my ancestors had to go through to get and hold this country then see it given away

    My only question is will NZ be under hard or soft oppression by the commies???


    • Thanks for that, a very interesting and informative read. yes, we are crippled in so many ways by political correctness, including defence. There is a virus loose in this country and its made almost everyone a deranged communist bunny. We spend $3 billion of defence where Singapore spends $12 billion. We wouldn’t be able to defend ourselves from a rubber raft full of Chicoms with single shot air rifles.


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  8. Armed neutrality – the strategy NZ should of based their defence on

    The fact that a bloke like me has to point this out is a sign we are in deep trouble. I was only a Lance Corporal and my stint in the NZ Army was hardly stellar. Where are all the senior officers??? Why have I not heard a single one of them sounding off about this???Probably too busy living the good life courtesy of the taxpayer

    ‘The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, speak to your people and say to them, If I bring the sword upon a land, and the people of the land take a man from among them, and make him their watchman, and if he sees the sword coming upon the land and blows the trumpet and warns the people, then if anyone who hears the sound of the trumpet does not take warning, and the sword comes and takes him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. He heard the sound of the trumpet and did not take warning; his blood shall be upon himself. But if he had taken warning, he would have saved his life.’ Ezekiel 33:1-9

    Shame on Y’all


  9. Let’s see – Chinese virtues of self-reliance, respect for families, a love of private property (yes houses and farms but also cars, Apple Watches etc)and most of all, an absolute abhorrence for welfare.

    Sounds pretty good to me: sure sounds better than the actual Communist regime we live under in NZ!


    • Except that NZ’s “communist regime” isn’t shooting people for disagreeing with the government, imprisoning dissidents, deciding how many children couples can have, uprooting whole populations and massively polluting the countryside.
      Other than those things, and more, no real difference, really.

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  10. This might shock you but some Marxist analysis says something similar but to do with the way capitalism has mutated under Chinese overproduction of steel and concrete – the video is a bit long and might not be what a redbaiter wants to hear, but it shows how diplomacy and capitalism can be transformed to, well… to other means–ef8&t=6s


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