Cricket World Cup- NZ media make us out to be whining losers

Stupid people shut up There has been much in the MSM of late relating to the Australian Team’s sledging of the NZ players. Apparently Australia’s verbal attacks are perceived by many media commentators as the reason we failed, and as unsportsmanlike, and generally in line with the PC mood that prevails in NZ where anyone can take offence even if they’re sneezed at.

I dare say that if they could, the NZ media would have the whole Australian team and Brad Hadden in particular hauled up before Susan Fidel Devoy and the Human Rights Commission. Maybe they even want them arrested by the Police and charged and fined like the man on the bus the other day. It stuns me that we haven’t heard another apoplectic rant from cultural Watchtower Guard Rachel Smalley. (Maybe I just missed it.)

One wonders if the media would be beating this issue up if we had won. And what does it really say if they think our team is so easily upset that they would lose a championship because the Australians were nasty to them?

Radio NZ reported signs at Auckland airport held by the welcoming home crowd that said “Real champions don’t need trophies”. Good grief! If that doesn’t typify NZ’s loser socialist mentality I don’t know what does. Probably the work of fifth form students at one of those schools where they don’t allow scoring in team games. In case the losers get upset.

The NZ team deserves credit for rejecting the whining of the media and other socialist losers. Black Caps coach Mike Hesson said his players took pride in their behaviour and New Zealand had to take its defeat on the chin.

“Different teams play the game different ways, we’re pretty proud of the way we go about things,” he said. “Other teams do it slightly differently. But Australia were too good for us yesterday.”

New Zealand all rounder Grant Elliott said a verbal exchange he had with Australian players during the final was friendly banter.

Elliott said he enjoyed his time in the middle.”You know, what goes on the field, stays on the field. It’s just good to hear how well the Aussies rated me as a player – but, no, it was just friendly banter out there.”

So there was nothing in it. Just another beat up by a decrepit dinosaur media desperate for a meme to run with, and not worried about shaming NZ internationally as a nation of whinging losers. Didn’t we get the same “unfair” meme after the America’s cup loss?

Sean Plunkett- We didn’t lose, we won..

Pfffttt… we lost. The time to complain about this kind of stuff, if there ever is such a time, should be after we have won.

3 thoughts on “Cricket World Cup- NZ media make us out to be whining losers

  1. Red, what the Aussie cricketers engaged in was simply as the term goes not cricket.We didn’t lose because of it, they were the better side. But they sure weren’t a sporting side. Shocking bad manners, personally I’d be ashamed to be associated with them and that sort of poor behaviour. Certainly not gentlemen.


  2. Yes I agree with all of those points however, as I am sure the NZ cricketers understand, when you lose, you need to be careful of what you say afterwards. All the criticism from the media would have been much better said if NZ had won.

    Like you Kowtow I regret that the game of cricket has suffered a decline in terms of the spirit in which it was once played, but really its just another outcome of the society the progressives have built, where civility takes a back seat to narcissism and vanity and degenerate behaviour all over. All sport has suffered the same decline.

    That said, the game will be all the poorer for Daniel Vettori’s departure but I don’t think Brad Haddin’s leaving will be much missed. I think Vettori was quite justified in his allegations of cheating some years ago too.


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