Traitor Bradley / Chelsea Manning has 20,000 twitter followers

ScreenShot027 NBC News reports that Chelsea Manning, the transgender Army private imprisoned for exposing national security secrets, has joined Twitter with the help from a communications firm.

The company, Fitzgibbon Media, confirmed that it is handling Manning’s account, @xychelsea, posting messages she dictates by phone and telling her about the responses. Her introductory post went up last Friday afternoon. She finished the day with seven more, thanking friends and supporters, expressing the effort it takes to Tweet by phone from prison, and promising “I don’t want this Twitter feed to be a one-way street/conversation.” By Friday evening she had more than 20,000 followers.

Manning revealed her gender identity as a transgender female while serving 35 years in the military prison in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks. A court ruled in March that the Army must stop referring to her as Bradley Manning and must use feminine or gender neutral pronouns in court filings.

This traitor, who I regard somewhat differently to Edward Snowden, has been given a gender change on the American taxpayer’s dime, and now gets to tweet to followers from prison. I use twitter, I reckon its the best news source there is, but I’m damned if I would want to follow this lowlife, and its amazing to me that 20,000 want to hear from her/ him. Shows you just what is out there doesn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Traitor Bradley / Chelsea Manning has 20,000 twitter followers

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  2. How is he a traitor for releasing images of US personnel gunning down innocent civilians in Iraq (including children) and Reuters photojournalists?
    Furthermore the US had recorded these deaths as ‘enemy combatant’ prior to the revelations.
    Heard of the views from Ethan Mccord?


      • Who was ‘put at risk’ by these Wikileask revelations? There has been nobody. Even a US govt report says as much.

        Can’t you join the dots between the police state mentatlity at home and the unaccountable militarism abroad that has done nothing for world security, but whipped up some serious hornets nests. Libya, Iraq and Syria for starters.


        • Do you know what “the Great Game” is? Its a tussle that has been going on for generations. Any major power that does not have a global strategy puts itself at risk of being defeated in any global conflict by those who do have such a strategy.


          • Well from the US point of view it looks to be a piss poor strategy.
            Whip up a hornets nest in nations that although not under great leadership, were at least governed and either not hostile or capable of hostility.
            Do all of this at great expense to your own economy, now mired in trillions in debt and likely to be at risk of significant internal civil disturbances when entitlement programs will have to be scaled back. Export technical knowledge and manufacturing to a potential adversery (China).
            Have 50 million of your own population on food stamps and run a failed monetary policy that may put the currency at risk.
            Seems to be working out so well …


            • Ha, if you’re saying that US foreign policy is a disaster under Obama then I am with you. Furthermore I’ll agree it has not been the best previous to Obama, but this cannot be taken as justification for some psychologically fucked up Nancy boy to take it upon himself to distribute Military secrets far and wide. I think he should have been shot. The Jury is still out on Snowden, who seemed at first to have been more concerned with the govt spying on its own citizens. This appears to have changed lately, and he seems to have like Manning decided to reveal international military intelligence.


  3. If he’s a “psychologically fucked up Nancy boy” then it doesn’t say much about the quality of US army intelligence recruitment does it?
    Same with a single person having access to so much data in the first place.
    But expect many more leaks in the future especially if the army will not do the morally right thing and admit it’s f*kups rather than try to bury them.
    The sanctions in Iraq and the subsequent wars left 500,000 children dead, how that can’t be in any way justifiable is beyond belief. Now with ISIS gaining ground the situation is every worse than when it began.

    As for Snowden, well it’s quite clear he gave the materials to journalists to release what was in the public interest, so sure you can quibble over 1 or 2 releases but on the whole it hasn’t been a data dump which was the criticism with the Manning case. Although those cables releases were useful even if to know how desperate our John is to suck up to Obama.


  4. I guess I’ll have to answer my own question then

    “What sort of morons give full unrestricted access to any buck private with a thumb drive???”

    Answer: The same morons we are relying on to defend NZ in the event of war

    Armed neutrality – the strategy NZ should of based its defence on


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