Six coal fired power stations closed by Obama/ EPA regulations

Obama is closing coal fired electricity plants when the people who vote for him are coal miners and people who complain about the high cost of power. The people who give him a 50% approval rating.

One of the US’s largest coal utilities will begin closing power plants next month in four states, as strict federal environmental regulations begin to kick in.

The company, American Electric Power, advised that it plans to close six power plants in Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana. The closures were planned as far back as 2011 to comply with new pollution regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, called the Mercury and Toxics Standard, that go into effect later this month. The closures will take about 6000 megawatts of power out of the national grid.

Coal plants are the target of several new pollution rules being implemented or proposed by the EPA. One of these regulations includes the Clean Power Plan, which is at the center of President Obama’s climate change agenda to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the existing fleet of power plants.

The outcome of this will be higher power costs and no changes to global temperatures be they rising or falling. But it makes the $10 million a picture Hollywood elites happy.

2 thoughts on “Six coal fired power stations closed by Obama/ EPA regulations

  1. Let me think 6 power stations to close, planned from as far back as 2011.

    Meanwhile the Chinese are building 1.5 Power stations every week.

    Sounds like a drop in the Ocean to be seen to doing something. They were probably past their economic lives and would have been closed anyway.


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