Harry Reid rumoured to have been in fight with brother

Harry reid2 At the start of the year Nevada Democrat Harry Reid claimed to have suffered an “exercise accident” in his home while under the protection of the Capitol Police. According to Fox News, the lawmaker fell when an elastic exercise band snapped and hit him in the face.

The senator then hit other gym equipment as he fell, breaking bones near his eye. Then when he hit the floor, he suffered a number of broken ribs.

A few people have speculated that Reid’s injuries were a bit hard to account for by means of a simple accident with a piece of exercise machinery, and have suggested he may have run foul of the gangster groups he has long been allegedly involved with. Rush Limbaugh was one of the first to voice his suspicions-

“I don’t believe for a minute that whatever happened to Harry Reid has anything to do with an exercise machine unless somebody repeatedly threw him into it. Harry Reid looks like and is acting like, behaving like somebody who may have been beaten up. Nobody… I’ve never seen anybody have an accident with an exercise machine that ends up suffering symptoms much like Harry Reid’s for as long as Harry Reid has.”

Strangely, Harry Reid’s brother Larry was seen to have similar facial injuries around the same time.

The Capitol Police squad who took Reid to hospital after the incident aren’t talking, nor is another man who likely has knowledge of what happened, former Senate Sergeant at Arms Drew Willison.

Now, in what some speculate is a continued attempt to cover up the truth about the “accident,” Reid has brought Willison onto his own staff.

And if that weren’t weird enough, Breitbart has now also reported that Kim C. Dine, the chief of the Capitol Police who has steadfastly refused to release any information about Reid’s New Year’s Eve “accident” to the media, has suddenly resigned for reasons that are so far unspecified.

Michael Walsh in PJMedia also has his doubts about Reid’s story-

“It’s pretty obvious from the photographs that somebody beat the bejesus out of the soon-to-be-former senator from Nevada.”

John Hinderaker of the Powerline Blog reports on a telephone call he had with a counselor from a Alcoholics Anonymous Center in Nevada.

“The counselor told Hinderaker, “a man entered the meeting. His appearance was striking: there was blood on his clothing, beginning around his midsection. His left hand was swollen. He appeared to be somewhat intoxicated and was visibly agitated.”

The man introduced himself to the group as “Larry” and said that he had been in a fight with a family member at a get-together. He apparently blacked out during the fight at some point, coming to mid-altercation while rolling on the ground with the other family member, his clothes now bloody.

He added that now he was concerned that he’d have to deal with the Secret Service.

The group didn’t take that last bit seriously — you hear all kinds of things in AA meetings, as you might imagine — but had little doubt from his appearance that Larry had been in a fight.

Later the man saw Larry’s photo in a newspaper item and realised he was Harry Reid’s brother.

When Powerline asked Reid’s office about the incident, all they received in reply was the cryptic message “Don’t ever change”.

The speculation could all be completely off target of course, but whether it is or not, we won’t hear the truth from the mainstream media. So far blogs are the only news sources prepared to give the story legs.

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