More alarmist environmental BS from Green Left Daily (aka NZ Herald)

Shriek horror, run for the hills, stop voting National, vote Green Party. Disaster is upon us and only they can save us.

This is what the NZ Herald is telling us in a typically distorted alarmist article by “Economics” writer Brian Fallow.

New Zealand’s net emissions of greenhouse gases climbed 42 per cent between 1990 and 2013.

Gross emissions, which exclude carbon flows relating to forestry and land use change, rose 21 per cent between 1990 (year zero for carbon accounting purposes) and 2013, to be the fifth highest per capita among 40 developed countries.

Only if you read all the way to the bottom will you discover that

If New Zealand is compared with other countries on a CO2-only basis, our emissions are 20th highest among Annex 1 [developed] countries and below the Annex average, at 8.3 tonnes CO2 per person.”

In fact NZ’s main source of emissions is cattle (sheep cows etc) farting and belching. And that we have so many cattle and sheep is why our per capita emissions are at the rate they are. Which is in actuality SFA, and when it is this source that is our biggest contributor then in spite of the shrieking of Brian Fallow and his buddy Russell Norman and the NZ Herald, then I am not worried!!!

The govt reckons we produced 81 million tonnes in 2013. Know what the globe produces? I’ll tell you, about 4000 million tonnes and its falling. And for where we really are in the world check the chart below.
The hysteria over greenhouse gases, which are yet to be proven as a driver of climate change anyway being just 0.04% of total atmospheric gases, is just partisan political garbage from propagandists posing as journalists/ reporters. And they wonder why we hold them in utter contempt.

4 thoughts on “More alarmist environmental BS from Green Left Daily (aka NZ Herald)

  1. What infuriates me is the millions of dollars of taxpayer money being given to ‘scientists’ at the likes of Massey University to try and change the amount of farting and belching by animals.
    A huge waste of time and money.


  2. A number of things annoy me. First of all with all the cattle, all the dairy and meat we’re selling, this means the effect we have on the environment is related to other countries consumption. 2ndly intertrade. They take a string from Brazil, add another string in Chile, add another string in China, add another string in Venezuela. That’s intertrade, your shoelaces made in 31 different countries, and airfreighted from one country to another. This is responsible for 15% of worldwide pollution. Why is this not even talked about. And you know, if it weren’t for the Greens regulations costs, we could make a few more things here in NZ at a competitive price meaning we wouldn’t import as much, and that would be cause we could make it at no more the cost then other countries.

    Why are these things not being talked about. Their was a time when we produced many things ourselves. I’m not saying no imports, but simply that it is possible we could create our own things at a competitive price if we really thought long and hard about it.


    • The cows and sheep are making our major contribution so what do these Watermelon fuckwits want to do about it? Shoot every damn animal in NZ? Kill off the sheep and cattle industry? The slack would soon be taken up elsewhere. They’re complete fucking morons to make an issue of this. So sick of these rank brainwashed unthinking idiots having so much input.


      • “Shoot every damn animal in NZ? Kill off the sheep and cattle industry?”

        Yes. I recall 4or 5 years ago (back before he went completely ProgLib) Farrar had a post up at KB titled “First, let’s shoot all the cows” or something similar, about the watermelons’ economy-growing, prize-winning policy to reduce the dairy herd by half. Now, I’m not sure they’d actually go and shoot all the cows exactly, they’d probably sell them all off to Indonesia so they can be ritually slaughtered in the most painful, gut-wrenching manner possible (i.e. “halal”).


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