US Army battalion briefed on “white privilege”.

Army white privilege

In yet another stark example of the mission by Progressives to infiltrate and weaken the US armed forces, soldiers at Fort Gordon in Georgia were instructed on “white privilege” during a “diversity training briefing”. (As if the latter Marxist BS isn’t enough on its own).

How the hell did the American armed forces make it through WWi & WWII, and Korea, and Vietnam, and so many other global conflicts without “diversity training”? And now they need to be worrying about “white privilege” as well??? God give me strength.

Army spokeswoman Capt. Lindsay Roman said that the Equal Opportunity briefing was entitled “The Luxury of Obliviousness”. She said “the Army reflects the diversity of American society, we are all members of one team.”

The session is under investigation by the Army after black and white soldiers voiced complaints, claiming the ideas expressed created division and hostility. The presentation was not authorized, nor was it part of the standard slides shown to soldiers.

“The unit Equal Opportunity instructor deviated from the authorized topic and content which was provided,” Roman said. “To prevent further instances, all unit instructors will receive additional training on the importance of following Army EO training requirements.”

The text appears to have been adapted from work by Allan Johnson, a sociologist and author. Johnson, in an email, said the concept is consistent with his work. Here’s an example of Johnson’s writing.

The most immediate reason not to ask about the connection between men and violence is, quite simply, that men won’t like it if you do. We are a nation tiptoeing around men’s anger, men’s ridicule, men’s potential to withhold resources (such as funding for battered women’s shelters and sexual assault programs), men’s potential for retaliation, violent and otherwise, men’s defensiveness, and the possibility that men might feel upset or attacked or called out or put upon or made to feel vulnerable or even just sad. In other words, anything that might make them feel uncomfortable as men.

If any reader can think of one good reason for having such psychobabble BS included in Army training please tell me. From what I have been reading the lately, the US Armed forces appear to have been taken over by the same odious and cowardly Cultural Marxists who try to control our thought and speech in civvy street. Just when does the push back start against these contemptible people?

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