UKIP candidate withdraws from election debate after death threats

Death threat

The West Lancashire UKIP candidate Jack Sen has pulled out of election meetings after being threatened by someone claiming to be a member of the group “Standing up to UKIP”.

The threatening letter was sent to the candidate and also to a number of local newspapers.

“Stand up to UKIP” say they exist to “Call on all those who reject racism, scapegoating and xenophobic nationalism to join us in campaigning against UKIP.”

Mr Sen has come under fire recently for his position that “our political, academic and media elite are complicit with sexual violence against children. That by pushing homosexual/sexual education on children and turning a blind eye to grooming and gang rapes, our ruling class are facilitating the crimes.”

A spokesperson for Stand Up to UKIP said: “”Stand Up To UKIP had no knowledge of threats made to Jack Sen, UKIP candidate for West Lancashire and certainly do not condone this.

“Our campaign supports challenging UKIP’s politics of scapegoating through robust debate and peaceful protests not threats or intimidation.”

I think the letter is a good example of what the establishment represents these days, and how far its guardians will go to protect their stinking progressive status quo.

8 thoughts on “UKIP candidate withdraws from election debate after death threats

  1. This story provides a mixed bag. That Mr. Sen would withdraw because of death threats says little good about his personal courage, and UK would be better without him.

    On the upside it exposes the establishment for being complicit in the threats. Had an imam or labourite or Tory received such threats you know who would be pilloried in the Soviet-style media there. A mild disclaimer by the organization that allegedly sent the threats is what you’d expect until the fascists dare stand up on thier hind legs.


  2. Pascal-you might want to learn to do a little research before you pass judgement. The original article stated that Sen was asked to stand down due to UKIP’s policy on coordinated death threats. That they performed a threat analysis and it was deemed too risky. They merely asked to postpone the hustings but the organisers refused.
    People dont attend hustings when they have a sniffle. This fella’s life was threatened and he was told not to. Should he also risk his family’s lives so he can speak in front of a room full of people? Try leaving your momma’s house before you judge others


    • Politics has frequently be suggested to be war by other means. This is a travesty. When threats succeed you get more of them, and you invite worse. When it’s UKIP’s policy that is even worse than a lone candidate. Shames the movement’s courage.


        • Yep. I thought of that RB.

          And I even thought of the SSM manufacturing a link of the threat back to UKIP on the order of the Dan Rather scandal. If it originated with UKIP it too easily could blow up in their face, so I discount it.

          I fear that courage is at issue; and it appears epidemic all across the West, not simply within the UK.


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