Eight Nauru guards suspended for criticising Islam on social media

Some of the guards posing with Pauline Hanson at the Reclaim Australia Rally Brisbane April 4th

Some of the guards posing with Pauline Hanson at the Reclaim Australia Rally Brisbane April 4th

Eight guards from Nauru detention centre have been suspended after they posed for a photograph with Pauline Hanson at a Reclaim Australia rally which was later posted on Facebook.

The members of the “emergency response team” at Nauru, who were hired on the basis of their cultural “sensitivity”, have been stood down pending an investigation into their social media use.

This follows the earlier stand down of a single guard on Monday.

The guards had appeared to endorse Hanson’s anti-immigration politics, and some promoted the Reclaim Australia movement and posted messages critical of Islam and Muslims.

The material is alleged to have compared Islam to Nazism, accused companies from Cadbury to Krispy Kreme of supporting terrorism by having products certified as Halal, and promoted the slogan “infidels” through T-shirts and tattoos.

A spokesman for the detention centre operator Transfield Services, which employed the men, said the matters were “very concerning and not at all what we expect of our staff”.

An example of the postings from the group

An example of the postings from the group

A spokeswoman for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection said it expected “service provider staff to act appropriately and with integrity in all their dealings with the people in their care”.

“Inappropriate use of social media channels will not be tolerated, particularly if it involves offensive material,” she said.

Just lucky they didn’t burn an Afghani flag or something, then they would really be in trouble. Wouldn’t they?

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2 replies

  1. These guards would have seen first hand the reality of these so called “refugees”. They won’t be the cuddly, harmless poor little Muslims that the media paint out. They aren’t refugees either, rather colonists or slightly better, economic opportunists as they’ve passed through several countries to get to Aussie.

    I bet you this government “spokesWOMAN” (bit like the disappearance of the word chairman) has never done a proper days work in her life and the only diversity she has experienced is on political junkets to foreign countries where she stays in 5 star hotels.


    • Yes, apparently the guards signed contracts that prevent them from airing such views on the net or anywhere. Really they should be permitted to express whatever political views they hold and only be fired for some kind of actual transgression at work.

      Australia has no bill of rights so I guess employers can put things like that in contracts. Not that a bill of rights is the real problem or any real solution. Freedom of speech is under attack all of the time in Australia and its getting worse.

      The Andrew Bolt case showed how bad things are.


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