Healthy Families program- just the worst in racist corrosive welfarist govt

I’m sorry to say that I think a politician I admire is behind this out of control socialist monstrosity. Soon before quitting parliament, Tony rolled out his ‘Healthy Families NZ’ initiative, intended to help in the prevention of obesity, smoking, excessive drinking and monitoring such issues as family violence, nutrition, teeth decay, sexual health, and not cleaning your shoes or making your bed every morning before going to school.

Ten communities containing about 900,000 people were selected to be part of this initiative. They are: East Cape; Far North District; Invercargill City; Lower Hutt City; Rotorua District; Whanganui District; Manukau Ward; Manewa-Papakura Ward; Spreydon-Heathcote Ward; and Waitakere Ward.

Apparently in all of these districts the adults are completely incapable of looking after themselves or their children.

Here’s an example of the kind of thing being done to help them-

The government is investing an extra $1.6 million into getting the healthy eating message out to Waitemata and Central Auckland’s hardest-to-reach new mums and their families.

Pregnant women and young mothers who have registered for the free service will receive text messages encouraging them to take up healthy and safe lifestyle choices during their pregnancy and postnatal period.

TV One mystifyingly reports that the program kicked off last Friday with a $40 million budget. AFAIK, its been going since the beginning of 2014. So the budget must be more than $40 million. I’m guessing at least $100 million.

“’s a holistic program”, said Health Minister Jonathan Coleman.

Holistic is correct, leading to big holes in the health budget for very little measurable effect.

Privatising health would fix this problem. There is no way whatsoever the govt should be responsible for this kind of infinite interference in people’s lives and the resulting corrosive effect on personal responsibility.

One thought on “Healthy Families program- just the worst in racist corrosive welfarist govt

  1. Take your point Red, but we have gone to far down this particular rabbit hole to go back.

    We are going to have to wait for the train wreck at the bottom of the cliff.

    It will all end very badly.


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