Left’s latest phony strategy to silence criticism- they feel “unsafe”

BlockI had a small disagreement with an odious communist whiner on Twitter a while ago, during which my attention was caught by some of the phrases she used in describing the exchange to other communists.

She said that the conversation had made her feel “unsafe”. I wondered about this terminology, and I saw that this was yet another attempt by the left to stifle criticism and shut down any argument that directly confronts their ideas.

Especially if they’re for example a “feminist”, and the person disagreeing is male. Its the same old psycho-babble that suggests their arguments can’t stand the stress of logic or reason, so the opposition must be intimidated into silence by some false allegation that attempts to makes them feel ashamed of themselves.

So now as well as being wary of being labelled, homophobic, or Islamaphobic, or racist, or xenophobic, or bigoted, or sexist, or any of those kind of words, you also have to watch out you don’t make them feel unsafe. Here’s an example as reported by National Review-

Students at both Oberlin College in Ohio and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., have been crying out that they fear for their safety because conservative groups invited someone who disagrees with their views on sexual assault and rape culture to speak on campus.

Christina Hoff Sommers, a resident scholar at American Enterprise Institute and author of Who Stole Feminism?, spoke at Georgetown last Thursday and is scheduled to speak at Oberlin tonight.

“Her talk is happening, so let’s pull together in the face of this violence and make our own space to support each other,” the students wrote. “It is valid and necessary to both create alternative spaces for healing and to directly challenge the violence that is happening,”

Get it? Alternative views are really “violence” that makes them feel “unsafe”.

Really, how odious and dishonest and cowardly can these left wing scum get in their strategy to silence and marginalize all who oppose them?

4 thoughts on “Left’s latest phony strategy to silence criticism- they feel “unsafe”

  1. You really have to shake your head at the left at times. Often what they do is so illogical it leaves me speechless.


    • The problem is, is that they do it an awful lot and for a long time, until it eventually becomes standardised and accepted.



    • Not at all illogical when you make note that Left and sinister are synonymous. Turning the tables: their sinister behaviour makes any rational man feel unsafe.


  2. The government has declared through legislation, all across the Western World, that all sorts of social arrangements are equally valid and that discrimination based on this is illegal. In the same way, you cannot argue about the morality of homosexuality or about the validity of environmentalism when the state has ruled that there is only one acceptable opinion about these issues. To voice an opinion against environmentalism is akin to having a debate on the rightness of murder.

    These are not just any views, these are views that go against the opinion of the whole political class and that have reams of legislation behind them and are embedded in the curriculum of the entire education system. If it wasn’t for the fact that the state has declared certain views the official ones, activists wouldn’t feel legitimised in their censorship and academics would feel freer to talk about them.

    We are getting into “thoughtcrime” territory here, just as Orwell predicted.


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