John Key waitress hair pulling story needs validation


Key strangely described the waitress’s hair as “tantalising”


Update- Key has publicly apologised for the hair pulling which would seem to validate the story.

The Daily blog is running an interesting story from a waitress in an Auckland restaurant who claims John Key repeatedly pulled her pony tail during consecutive visits. She asked him to stop, but he persisted. Eventually he seemed to wake up to the fact that the waitress wasn’t enjoying the joke and gave her two bottles of John Key personalised wine while apologising with the words “I didn’t realise, really”.

According to the unnamed waitress the events occurred from election time last year up until the 28th of March this year, when the wine was gifted.

That Key’s wife Bronagh was present during some of the occasions suggests Key saw this as nothing but friendly horseplay and as he said when he apologised, he just didn’t realise the waitress wasn’t appreciating the joke.

Definitely seems like a political and personal gaffe by Key that the left will have a field day with. Some will claim it as grounds for resignation.

I don’t think so. This seems to me to be just another example of Key’s kind of weird quirky personality whereby he doesn’t seem to empathise with different viewpoints or be aware of certain things. As he doesn’t seem to realise his flag change ambition is so annoying to so many.

The issue to me is why was there apparently no one around him able to alert him to the the fact he was making a fool of himself?.

One would think that (if the allegations are true), someone would have tried to tell Key that his actions in pulling the waitress’s hair were not being taken as a joke. Why would this have been allowed to progress so far? I mean they guy has got minders hasn’t he?

What this might suggest is that people are too frightened too approach him on even such a simple matter. Could it really be that bad? I know that National Party members are very concerned about voicing any opinion on flag change. Is this incident another pointer to the possibility that the easy going affable lad Key has two different personalities?

Whatever, until there is some kind of validation of the story, which does have the ring of truth to it, we shouldn’t rush to judgment. The whole thing just sounds too weird to be true.

However, it does give this kind of weird little incident pictured above a bit more significance. (“that’s a very tantalising ponytail”, Key commented to the waitress) Tantalising? Well, strange word.

9 thoughts on “John Key waitress hair pulling story needs validation

  1. She should have raised it in a more formal manner – this is just activism. That may be a restaurant that has one less customer. Still, at least he didn’t chase a drunk, semi-naked poof friendly groupie down a street.


    • Actually, I agree and have changed my opinion of it after a little reflection. I think it’s a politically driven beat-up.


      • Yeah, I ‘m inclined to think it might be. She did let him pull her hair some number of times without voicing any disapproval and Key may have been silly enough to view that as agreeing with what he perceived as a joke.

        With the “assertive” women that abound these days I would have thought she would have said something the very first time, and if she had couched it in polite terms, there is no way she would have put her job at risk.


  2. This is frankly disgusting. How dare this brazen hussy assault our dear Prime Minister’s hand with her hair. Repeatedly. Over several months!!! Even going so far as to twist his wholly acceptable and friendly words, “That’s a very alluring ponytail you have there,” into some kind of inappropriate thing. Then disgracefully telling someone about it! What is the world coming to?!

    This is a ridiculous PC set up from beginning to end. No doubt she was draping her hair all over him every time he even walked in. Probably trying to stick her ear in his mouth as well.

    For god’s sake, I speak to all the waitresses I come across and fondle their hair on a regular basis. What has the world come to if good people like us get castigated for every little freindly moment we share with people who have nice hair. Only the other day I made a freindly suggestion to a waitress about fellatio, while my wife was with me, she overheard the whole thing. But the look on the waitresses face suggested that “I” had done something wrong. It’s PC gone mad so it is!

    P.S. I’m being satirical. You know. Just in case.


  3. He’s apologised so obviously it happened, but the problem with the story is it’s hard to know the context. It seems his real crime is in misreading the situation and thinking it was a joke when in reality the waitress was uncomfortable with it. That’s pretty poor behaviour, but it’s a bit different from intentional harassment. As there’s no way to know the context it’s difficult to understand how obvious the waitress made it that she was uncomfortable and therefore how bad it was on his part. The original article repeats the phrase that “I didn’t formally tell him I was uncomfortable but I shouldn’t HAVE to” on several occasions – which is correct in the sense that someone shouldn’t be doing it in the first place, but also gives an indication of where the misunderstanding might have come from.

    If you don’t have any sinister intentions and have just misread someone’s reaction that’s hardly the crime of the century and when he did get the message he seems to have apologised for it. It’s at worst a bit weird/bumbling and seems to be getting whipped up into something it’s not (i.e. an indication of general sleaze that has implications for his actions as a politician).


    • The thing is, Key is the PM of New Zealand. This is not some small time back bencher or cabinet minister, this is an actual Prime Minister, and I think for that reason its always going to be a much bigger story than what it would normally be. Across the world.


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