National’s Nick Smith supports calls for Warrant of Fitness for houses

Healthy_Home_WOFIts a bureaucrats heaven. Just imagine the frenzy of hiring. The funding that will be necessary. With maybe a new “fee” to cover it.

The strutting clip board wielding brigade of govt inspectors that will have unlimited access to your houses. Just imagine their pleasure in dolling out a blue ticket here, a white ticket there, and the special pink ticket if you dare give them any reason to be offended.

Maori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell wants urgent improvements in Christchurch’s “squalid” rental conditions. Flavell said he felt the landlords and rental companies managing what he deemed sub standard properties were “piggy-backing off the misery of others”.

He called for a “warrant of fitness” scheme for all private rentals.

Housing Minister Nick Smith agreed there was an issue with substandard housing in Christchurch and said the Govt was open to the idea of a warrant of fitness.

“I think the housing market in Christchurch has been so squeezed since the earthquakes that some landlords have been able to get away with blue murder,” he said. “As we’re able to grow the supply, as the pressure is coming off the housing market in Christchurch, it’s a real opportunity to push the pressure up on those landlords to ensure they meet their current legal obligations and that is for a house to be in a fit and proper state.”

Landlords will no doubt be very happy seeing the National govt they voted for looking after their interests so well.

3 thoughts on “National’s Nick Smith supports calls for Warrant of Fitness for houses

  1. So we had an earthquake.

    The housing stock is shaken not stirred.

    Supply has dropped and demand has increased.

    Prices have gone up. A temporary short term glitch.

    So the answer is to introduce more compliance costs.

    Supply will drop more, demand will stay and as costs would have gone up so, will rents to recover the increased costs.

    What a brilliant idea.

    Really you could not make this shit up, could you.


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