The Progressives built the American Police State

The following passage comes from an article referencing the unconstitutional, socially-destructive, totalitarian raids carried out by Wisconsin police on supporters of Governor Scott Walker. I wrote about the horror of these Stasi style raids a few days ago. This piece nutshells exactly why these out of control police actions, more common every day, are down to the Progressive social movement. From Tim Dunkin at Renew America

Those on the Left absolutely LOVE the police state. They love the idea of thousands upon thousands of laws, statutes, regulations, rules, and mandates that they get to enforce on you and me in their efforts to create their “progressive utopia.” They also love the power that comes with having to have the extensive police state apparatus in place to enforce all these rules. And the power to make you set aside “green space” when you expand your driveway is also the power to send in SWAT should you fail to do so.

You think I’m exaggerating? Then why did Homeland Security recently send in a SWAT team to seize a Land Rover from a North Carolina woman because it didn’t have the correct emission controls? And they did the same thing 39 other times with other Land Rover owners.

So it stands to reason that if we want to solve the “police problem” in America, then we’re going to need to solve the progressive problem. We’re going to need to expose them, clog up their system, do whatever is necessary to nullify and subvert the power they have and their ability to use it.

Police.. You need to stand up to the progressives giving you the unconstitutional orders and who are using you as a tool of repression. Refuse to obey their unlawful orders, and form a “thin blue line” in support of each other. Make your cases directly to your communities – seek our support, and we’ll support you when we know you’re doing the right thing. Respect our God-given rights affirmed by the Constitution, instead of the scurrilous words of left-wing politicians who hate you anywise, who used to call you “pigs” and “the fuzz” back before they got their hands onto political power and became your masters.

Police officers are the ones who have sworn to the duty of maintaining our free, civil society, who help to guarantee the stability that makes our way of life possible instead of us being another Somalia rife with warlords and vendettas and all the rest. Please do not allow the left-wingers to use you to recreate another Nazi Germany, replete with secret police, midnight raids on dissidents and the disfavored, and repression for those who “don’t follow the rules.” And make no mistake – that is exactly what the radical Left would love to see happen here in America. Stand tall and do what’s right, even if it goes against the progressives and left-wingers and those who think to destroy our nation and rebuild it in their own twisted image.

Mr. Dunkin’s plea is reasonable under the circumstances, however the big problem in the states is always going to be the two cultures. He is right in that the Progressives are behind the problems, because the secondary and destructive culture is born by their efforts. However it extends right across society and into the Police Force. Subsequently there are many Police out there who will willingly do the bidding of their totalitarian masters.

The Progressive culture has arisen as a result of a corrupt education system. A complete failure to educate American children about what it is that makes the United States exceptional, and this problem has existed for so many generations it has become almost unfixable. The gulf between grandparents and grandchildren today is as wide as it will ever be, and that’s because schools have assumed the roles of parents.

Until the education system is taken back from the left wing tyrants who have commandeered it today, the chance of change will be pretty slim. But with that, parents have to take their children back from the teachers and raise them in nuclear families and not allow that role to be subsumed by ignorant Marxist pigs posturing as educators.

Only after that milestone has been reached will we make any real progress in winding back the police state. Its at least two generations away if we start today.