“Young Republicans” as bad as old RINOS, and its happening in the NZ National Party too.

Scott Walker has had to tighten up his views on illegal immigration after realising his softer Obama style approach wasn’t going to do the trick with his voters. After giving a speech outlining his tougher stance to an Iowa Republican gathering, Walker  was approached by a 24 year old party member who warned him that “the party must make inroads to new voter blocs, including by supporting a comprehensive overhaul of immigration”.

The treasurer of the University of Iowa College Republicans, of a similar age, also told Mr. Walker in the meet-and-greet line that he was concerned that “by talking tough on immigration, Republican candidates would turn off Hispanics”.

Walker’s view is that illegals should return to their countries of origin and apply for legal entry, but I don’t know if the people he told this to are really Republicans. How easy would it be for students turned by radical left wing academics to pretend to Republican ideas but simultaneously agitate within the party for changes inspired by left wing ideas?

I’m fairly sure its happened here in NZ. In a few years of infiltration the National Party has become a pale pink imitation of the Labour party and it appears to be happening at the behest of younger members who are completely clueless of the principles that the Party was founded on but right up to speed on every fake cultural Marxist issue the left bring to the debate.

The big question is is it a deliberate deception or a result of ignorance brought about by drinking the Fabian socialist kool ade? I don’t know myself, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it turned out it was the former. The extreme left always planned to capture the mainstream party that was most left anyway, and partly capture the less left parties. Its in the Communist Manifesto.

There needs to be tighter vetting of junior members on an ideological basis. So many of the Young Nats are appallingly left wing.

2 thoughts on ““Young Republicans” as bad as old RINOS, and its happening in the NZ National Party too.

  1. I’m sure I read somewhere that a small majority of Hispanic-Americans did not support amnesty and supported strong border controls. I can only assume that this is because of the threat posed to their employment by the masses being prepared to accept lower wages.


  2. Or it’s because they support some little thing called the Constitution.

    The US is Christian, Conservative, Constitutional, Republic. That’s why very many Hispanics immigrated legally to the US: they don’t want atheist, communist, democrats in the US any more than anyone else who loves the country.


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