Harry Reid injuries- man claims he made up fight story

Harry reid2 A while ago I ran a story on how there were doubts concerning the origin of the injuries to Harry Reid’s face and body. Reid claimed he got them in a fall from an exercise machine. Others said the injuries were too severe to be caused that way and there were rumours that he had been beaten up by Las Vegas mobsters or had been in a fight with his brother Larry, who sported similar injuries to his face at the same time as Harry.

At the time, a man claiming to be a counsellor at a Alchoholics Anonymous centre in Nevada called Powerline blogger John Hindraker and claimed he had been at a meeting when a man arrived looking all beat up and saying his name was Larry and he’d been in a fight with his brother. Later the caller recognised the man from a news photo as Harry’s brother. The detail is in my previous post.

Now the guy who made the call to Hindraker, Larry Pfiefer says he made the whole thing up. He says he told the lie to draw awareness to the ease with which conservative media will repeat untruths if it fits their narrative.

In fact, most articles I read on the issue emphasized the allegations were pretty dicey, and it was never rated as more than a rumour.

Larry Pfiefer is a jerk. A typical left wing jerk who would clearly tell a lie at the drop of a hat. Or else he’s not, and this is another lie to add another level of intrigue to the story.

Who knows what is true at any time in the age of the Progressives?