Left clambering to get on to Amanda’s bandwagon

Look, she’s no doubt a commie, so why should we care right? I mean she went to Bomber Bradbury, another commie whose name was earned leaving graffiti bombs all over other people’s private property, and now she’s apparently engaged the Unite Union, another communist front, to act for her in some unknown legal capacity. This is the gang of crooks who took money from their employee’s wages saying it was tax, and then used it for other things.

I offered the opinion that Amanda’s complaints against Key were politically motivated some time ago, and if that’s not so, why has she hooked up with Unite and Bummer Bradbury?

When if she has a genuine complaint, which she may well have, it is painfully obvious to anyone with even a skerrick of knowledge of employment law that if she wants to pursue this legally, she should take her case to a local solicitor and allow it to proceed through normal legal channels.

Amanda- in the remote chance you read this, do not let politics get in the way of winning your case.

There’s every chance that you’ve already done some damage to your chances of a win, and deprived yourself of a substantial payout (probably a couple of hundred thousand) by removing any possibility of negotiating a confidential settlement. Now its all over the globe there’s no payout coming on that account.

You could possibly retrieve some chance of success through staying away from Bummer and United Crooks, but you need to do it quick or your case will just become bogged down in a legal quagmire where the result could be years away and bring you zilch anyway.

Apparently you have had the intelligence to keep clear of Greame Mcready, another politically motivated and self interested parasite who has taken it upon himself to pursue legal action against Key. This too is something that you should steer well clear of as its a political stunt that will only bring you misery should you engage. McCready will do you more harm than good with his private action, and that is without doubt.

If you were genuinely offended by Key’s actions, and you complained to your employer and they did nothing then you have in my humble opinion an open and shut case and I think any decent employment lawyer would tell you that.

If you are genuinely aggrieved then the course you should take is through a local lawyer who will process your case according to standard employment regulations. If you take any other road it will become clear to many observers, and including the judges who might hear any such case, that this was a political stunt from the get go.

2 thoughts on “Left clambering to get on to Amanda’s bandwagon

  1. It’s clear it’s a stunt now – but it always has been. In any kind of well-governed country this would never have made the news. As for her going to Unite – this is what Key gets for keeping unions in NZ.

    Frankly I think there would be justice if Unite push Bailey to go to the cops and charge Key with assault; Key resigns; Collins takes over and just smashes the unions and leftists as hard as she possibility can until the next election:
    – ban all unions, prosecute them under criminal conspiracy legislation
    – close down TVNZ
    – charter all schools
    – sell off every damn SOE as fast as possible
    – and the DHBs too
    – arm the cops
    – cancel the settlements
    – cancel the dole & DPB
    – switch back to FPP
    – with a second vote for nett taxpayers

    Labour’s vote INCREASED after their cuts in 87;
    National’s vote INCREASED after the “mother of all budgets” in 91.

    It’s well past time National actually governed. Key won’t. Time he moved over for someone who will.


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