More NRL tyranny as player fined $10,000 for “poofter” expression

Issac Luke with his two children

Issac Luke with his two children

I guess these guys sign contracts where all of this is laid out, and if we’re going to give SBS the right to sack subversive scum, then we also have to concede the NRL has a right to maintain a code of public behaviour.

However, to me it seems like the NRL management has been bought and paid for by the homosexual lobby. RNZ reports-

The South Sydney and Kiwis hooker Issac Luke has been fined $10,000 and will have to undergo an education programme after making a homophobic slur on social media.

In the continuing fallout from the Rabbitohs’ controversial 18-17 Good Friday win over Canterbury, Luke posted the offensive comment on the social media site in response to attacks from Bulldogs fans.

Luke wrote “Get off my page you lil poofters” but later deleted the post.

An NRL spokesman said “We believe that education is the most important element in dealing with vilification matters such as this, so we will require Issac to undertake an education program in tolerance and equity in addition to the financial penalty.”

So not only is the poor guy fined an horrendous amount he also has to undergo brainwashing. I find this whole barbaric tyrannical process to be far more offensive than any use of the word “poofter”. Who the hell do these sensitive precious NRL petty tyrants think they are trying to change the way people think, in the manner of a Nth Korean dictatorship?

Luke’s fine comes after the New South Wales Waratahs forward Jacques Potgieter was fined $10,000 by the Australian Rugby Union for making an on-field homophobic slur, an event that caused me as much outrage as this one.

There’s a backlash coming to this cowardice. These damn fools at the NRL and the ARU don’t know what they are doing or how resentment is building up. Its for sure no long term benefit to queers, who will eventually have to bear the brunt of that resentment.

2 thoughts on “More NRL tyranny as player fined $10,000 for “poofter” expression

  1. The Commies were in favour of Free Speech, right up to the moment they took power.

    Now, for saying the wrong word, you can get docked the fruits of your labour and put into re-education camps. How long before these “offences”, attract death sentences?


    • I wonder why the players continue to go along with this. All it would take is one to stand up to these cowardly thugs and the whole regime would crumble.


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