Rachinger’s rat’s nest- dirty politics meme gets new lease of life

Dirty_Politics_cover I’ve been reading Ben Rachinger’s sequence of posts on what he claims is his adventure with Cameron Slater and hacking the Standard blog. Rachinger alleges Slater arranged to pay him $5000 to hack the blog but he never did the work, instead becoming an undercover operative for the NZ police.

Rachinger’s story is a jumble of names and events that involves a number of NZ political identities including Jessica Williams, (the “political editor” at Radio Live), Matthew Hooton, Russell Brown, David Farrar, Tony Lentino and various other unconfirmed people with supposed money and/ or political influence.

I don’t want to spend too much time on it as other bloggers are covering it in enough detail, other than to say I may be somewhat politically naive, but (if the allegations have even a small amount of truth) it is disappointing to me to see what a rat’s nest of amoral and possible criminal behaviour is being revealed here, especially as it involves many who profess to represent the right of politics in the NZ media and blogosphere.

I mean we are better than the left aren’t we? We do have principles that involve respect for the law, respect for other people’s property, respect for truth. Respect for one’s self?

If we don’t adhere to those ideas then what is it that makes us different from the Marxists we work to dislodge from power?

The silence from those accused in Rachinger’s exposé is deafening.

Ben Rachinger’s blog.

9 thoughts on “Rachinger’s rat’s nest- dirty politics meme gets new lease of life

  1. We’re not communists. They are. Any aNd all means necessary to defeat them are legitimate.


    • We have 100 years experience fighting communists. The emphasis must be on fighting. Just another reason why the frontline cops need guns and more
      importantly the laws to use them.

      Think how much better off we’d be if the cops had just dealt with terrorists like Tuhoe, Dotcom, the POAL strikers and this guy the way they did in Thames


      • We look at the middle east and see, for want of a better expression, religious fanatics and fascists, and lament their reality and what it means for others. We think we’re in a much saner place until we see these anarchistic, megalomaniac rants. get help.

        Thank you Redbaiter for reason and ideals.


  2. If the above list is the so called “right” of NZ politics then we truly are fcuked.

    They may as well be the left as any real difference is just splitting hairs.

    Based on where they stand, they are the Socialists vs. the Communists or The Peoples Front of Judea vs. Judea People’s Front.


    • Farrar has always been a Marxist. Hooton is pretty much a full on progressive. Slater is just as bad. Cactus Kate is another leftist loser. They can’t fight the left because they’re too much like them.


  3. He’s a terrorist, a cyber-terrorist, in fact a communist cyber-terrorist plain and simple.

    How do you think we should handle people like that?

    Clue: there are lots in NZ and absolutely none in Indonesia or Singapore.


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