NZ submits (report) to UN. Why?

Amy Adams

Amy Adams

A National Party press release proudly proclaims that Justice Minister Amy Adams has submitted the Government’s latest report to the United Nations on civil and political rights in New Zealand.

Why? What the hell do we need to “submit” anything to this outrageously tin pot corrupt and useless organisation for? A haven for clapped out left wing politicians who can’t get a job in the real world, this politically crippled ineffective outfit has no relevance today.

Apparently we “ratified” some Covenant in 1978 and are therefore required to periodically report to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the country’s performance. This is the sixth report New Zealand has provided. Says Adams-

“The report responds to specific issues raised by the Committee, and outlines significant developments in recent years related to domestic civil and political rights,” says Ms Adams.

“For example, it details measures and plans the Government has in place to tackle family violence, reduce child abuse, address the over-representation of Māori in the criminal justice system, and deal with human trafficking.”

New Zealand will appear before the Human Rights Committee to be examined on the report in 2016, after which the Committee issue concluding observations outlining any concerns and recommendations.

For chrissakes, when are we going to grow a spine and tell these self important corrupt and worthless parasites to eff off?

Amy Adams- NZ human rights report submitted to UN

One thought on “NZ submits (report) to UN. Why?

  1. It’s intensely annoying to see a sovereign nation in way submit itself to the judgment an undemocratic organisation best represented by the basket cases and tinpot dictatorships of the world than the liberal democracies. The most encouraging about the UN is its ineffectiveness. Unless you’re a Rwandan, of course… But heaven help us if they ever exercise the power they wished they had. Lord Monckton’s warning about the contents of the Copenhagen climate treaty a case in point. Or the UN charter for the rights of the child – basically an end to parental rights as we know them (and only two countries refused to ratify it: the US and …. looking it up … South Sudan)


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