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General Debate For readers, and myself to post random comments or links that are of interest. Please post a link or a comment here if you have anything you’d like to share.

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  1. Good idea having GD, Below is my first entry.

    Yet another example or a two tier justice system

    Law expert concerned at run of cases in which athletes discharged without conviction.


    • Yeah, it’s complete bullshit. I’d rightly lose my job and livelihood too if I viciously assaulted someone, so guess what, I obey the laws of the land and live a respectable life.

      Many of these professional athletes lack maturity and mollycoddling by the courts isn’t going to help them understand that actions have consequences – something that they should have learned as children.


  2. How about this one?

    He has been verballed, yelled at and chased down the street, but the artist behind a poster project supporting asylum seekers says that is part of the fun.

    Peter Drew has embarked on a three-month road trip around Australia, putting up 1,000 posters declaring “Real Australians Say Welcome”.

    What a maroon.


  3. This post by Farrar is so deceitful. Trying to paint pro status quo as left wing. The whole reason we’re doing this is because Key is a damn progressive himself.

    You can see the flag change faction is going to lie and cheat and do everything to get their way.


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