Alice Springs- Armed paramilitary group wants to clean up town

Gary Hall

Gary Hall

(Assuming this report is factual) Is this the first sign of a citizens rebellion against our politically correct justice system where law enforcement is increasingly applied on race and cultural grounds?

ALICE SPRINGS police are monitoring a self-described paramilitary group which claims it wants to see crime and anti-social behaviour in the town reduced to an “acceptable level”.

Gary Hall, a spokesman for the Alice Springs Volunteer Force, said members were armed, but he refused to go into any detail about their weapons.

“I’m only the spokesman for them and I’m sure that giving away their technical capabilities wouldn’t be something they’d like to see published.

“But I can confirm they are armed,” Mr Hall said.

He also declined to discuss the group’s membership, other than to say it had sufficient numbers to carry out its objectives. “We don’t have a force of 500 men but it’s not three blokes sitting in a coffee shop smoking cigars,” he said.

“The objective of the Alice Springs Volunteer Force is to bring into the line the anti-social behaviour and the criminality into what we would deem an acceptable level.”

He said neither political party recognised the true extent of crime and anti-social behaviour in Alice Springs and police were “restrained” by management from doing an “acceptable” job.

When asked if racism played any part in his organisation Gary Hall said “Alice Springs is divided into two groups of people; good people and bad people, and we’re interested in the latter. If you’re a law-abiding citizen then you have no concern from the Alice Springs Volunteer Force.”

Wonder if NZers will rise to the occasion. So called Maori gangster groups are running riot here, intimidating citizens using the road, making Mafia threats against lawful businesses, and the Police do nothing. When we all know that if it was you or I who tried such things on we’d be in a jail cell in a millisecond.

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5 thoughts on “Alice Springs- Armed paramilitary group wants to clean up town

  1. It is a sad day when people feel that they have no choice but to take action.

    It would be hard for the Police to get involved, given the power of the Political wing of the gangs in Parliament.

    There is no shortage of examples.

    The body snatch from Christchurch been through every Court in the land and Police simple just refuse to act because it would be to dangerous, to go and pick up a dead body.

    The urewera terrorists an army in full combat gear to arrest a few malcontents.

    People stopped on the Queens roads and shaken down for donations.

    People charged fees to access public amenities like beaches.

    The various cultural impact reports a legalized demand for money.

    The list is growing daily

    There will be a whole book of, Police procedures on, what not to do with Maori land sit-ins etc Front line Police would have been told to do nothing and consult with head office first. In any other situation people would be removed and arrested if necessary.

    The resentment is out there, from the majority, look at the result of the so called Constitution debate. When they did not get what they wanted, the whole exercise was put off for a generation, so that there could be more education/indoctrination in the schools on the Treaty.

    Not the Constitution that the people wanted. And we do need a constitution, to limit the Power of the Government.


  2. It is an excellent day when people take personal responsibility for themselves, their families, and their towns. You cannot fight leftism on the Internet, in the newspaper, in the ballot box.

    You can only fight them on the streets.


    • Were police and responsible taxpaying citizens routinely armed (and had the laws to use those arms) this would have been quickly and permanently stopped — and no doubt millions saved on benefits too.


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