English’s BS proves he’s Key’s bunny in PM’s flag change mission

EnglishBunnyBill English put out a press release yesterday on John Key’s flag change project. I think they might be feeling the heat after they launched their braindead patronising “What do you stand for?” webpage. When I looked it was about 80% very anti.

In the release, which is one of the worst I have ever read for rank dishonesty, English claimed “The process for considering the New Zealand flag is structured in the best way to give the fairest outcome”.

That is bullshit Bill and you know it is. The lies go on-

“A petition before the Justice and Electoral Committee today suggested that the question, “Do you want to change the flag?” should be added to the first referendum on the flag, which is likely to be held in November or December this year.

English says the purpose of the first referendum is to allow people to rank four alternative flag designs that will be chosen by the Flag Consideration Panel following public consultation. “Those are logical steps, designed to give the fairest outcome,” Mr English says. “It makes sense that people should know the alternative before they vote on whether they want to change the flag.”

No it does not make sense Bill. Its an idiotic and expensive event when people have already told you they want no change. NZ First has the facts in their submission, and they are-

In 2004, a ONE News poll found 58 percent support for the current flag and 42 percent support for a new one. In that same year, the NZ Flag.com Trust had a Citizens Initiated Referenda question accepted on 13 October for a change of flag. This Trust was backed by the late Lloyd Morrison and a personal friend of the Prime Minister. This petition was withdrawn in August 2005 and two months before the deadline after obtaining only 100,000 (unverified) signatures of the 270,000 needed.

In February 2014, a ONE News Colmar Brunton poll asked if New Zealand should stick with the current flag or design a new one. The result saw 72 percent back the current flag, while only 28 percent wanted a new one.

In September 2014, onenews.co.nz conducted an online poll with the question, “Are you in favour of changing the New Zealand flag?”, 65 percent clicked “No” with 35 percent clicking “Yes”. In February 2015, Campbell Live ran a text poll asking “Do you think New Zealand needs a new flag?” 84 percent emphatically said no.

Most recently, May brought a Herald Digipoll, which asked if it was time for New Zealand to design a flag for itself. A clear 70 percent said “no,” with 25 percent saying “yes.”

So again, you’re talking bullshit Bill. Its about time you and all of the other simpering bunnies of the National Party grew a bit of spine and stood up to Key and his inner circle and told them you don’t want the National Party drawn into (further) disrepute for the sake of the PM’s lame arrogant and selfish ambition. More-

“We also have advice that if the change question was asked at the first referendum it could not only cause confusion but even if it meant a second referendum was not required, the financial saving for the Electoral Commission would be only about $2.3 million.”

I totally reject that. Advice from whom? Some partisan group of losers seeking to pull the wool over NZers eyes? Bill English’s claim is refuted here on the Ministry of Justice’s own web page outlining plans for the referenda. Clause 25 of Part B, Referendum Structure says –

25. If two referendums are held instead of one, this will have impacts in terms of cost ($9-13m per referendum), and a slightly increased risk of voter fatigue.

This fits with the Green’s anti-asset sales postal referendum, when the Electoral Commission estimated the cost at about $9 million. Key was pretty vocal too in declaring that a waste of money. Does his personal quest to change the flag have any greater support? Bill goes on-

“There is a cost of about $26 million in running an independent and public process, but New Zealanders have not considered this issue formally for more than 100 years and we are committed to allowing full public participation.”

Disgusting. You haven’t balanced a damn budget yet and you’re spending like a drunken sailor while debt repayments are costing us billions. This idiot unwanted flag change proposal would be as good a place as any to start cutting back.

Stop lying to us and leave our damn flag alone you untrustworthy pack of duplicitous bastards.

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4 replies

  1. $26 million for the flag change.

    $26 BILLION for, say, welfare & super.

    tell you what: have your stupid flag; just stop the stupid welfare.


  2. Have lodged my design, waiting for the censorship decision.

    It looks just like the current flag.

    Have also left my opinion, expect that will be deemed unacceptable as well.


  3. This is drawing the Nationals into such a web of deceit I am amazed there is not one there with the guts to speak out for the truth. Pack of cowards.


  4. “Disgusting. You haven’t balanced a damn budget yet and you’re spending like a drunken sailor while debt repayments are costing us billions. This idiot unwanted flag change proposal would be as good a place as any to start cutting back.” Redbaiter

    Can I second that?


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