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General Debate For readers, and myself to post random comments or links that are of interest. Please post a link or a comment here if you have anything you’d like to share.

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  1. So: soon we will know if the polls are correct – and Cameron returns as PM with the support of UKIP – or whether Labour will steal the government of the UK with the help of Scotland.


  2. Delingpoles latest. Great observations on the corruption of language.

    “If there’s a lesson from this dismal stalemate of an election it is that the Conservatives will never be able to win a working majority until they first learn how to fight and win the culture wars. Pretending to be just as nice (but slightly more efficient than) their left-wing opponents was never going to be enough to galvanise the troops. They needed a persuasive message and they didn’t have one because instead of acting according to their own ideological principles they were too busy pretending to speak the language of their enemy”


    • Concern with language is just another technique of the left.

      The real problem is simpler: the universal franchise means that non-nett taxpayers get to vote. That single foolish change has meant the inevitable decline of Conservatism and the rise of Communism wherever it has happened.


    • Good link EAD, thanks for sharing. Probably went down like a lead balloon on Kommieblog.


  3. Cops with so much serious crime to fight issue “infringement notice” to 70 year old woman who insulted Muslim couple on Sydney Airport train.


  4. Good grief dept-

    A 24 year-old man has been given a $150 infringement offence notice, after his attempt to use a T2 lane with a mannequin as the front seat passenger failed.

    At 7.55am yesterday morning, Waitemata Police were running a checkpoint and monitoring cars using the T2 lanes unlawfully at the Constellation Drive onramp in Mairangi Bay, when an officer spotted an unusual looking passenger in the front seat of a car using the T2.


  5. In other news, UK Labour party pretty much destroyed – Cameron on track for majority govt.


  6. Great story, 92 year old female spitfire pilot flies again. The greatest generation.


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