Ted Cruz, a glimmer of hope for the dying West

Mark Levin
Mark Levin praises Ted Cruz for the manner in which he dealt with some male bimbo ‘journalist’ obsessed as so many of them are with the issue of homosexuality. (press the play button)

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7 replies

  1. He took the Second? Stood his ground!


  2. The more I see and hear, the more I like Ted Cruz. The only black mark against him is he voted Yes on Fast Track.

    He’s already been vetted to death, so there are no skeletons to come out. He’s articulate, passionate and will take it to the biased SSM in debates.


  3. Right on!


  4. http://unsavoryagents.com/

    Interesting Ted Cruz poster 🙂


  5. I heard this clip this morning. Ted Cruz would be my pick for the Republican nomination.



  6. Well Scott Walker has achieved more. Bobby Jindal is good on creationism and religious freedom.
    John Bolton would have been the best on foreign affairs and war.


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