Assault on Paul Henry by thugs and cowards is typical Bolshevism

The video below has already been reported on and criticised in numerous places (like Whaleoil). It surprises me that so few critics acknowledge that what we are seeing is not so much any kind of valid “protest movement” but rather a typical example of traditional Bolshevism, a recognised communist strategy that relies on generating violence and fear to intimidate those who stand in the way of their political ambitions.

When are those who claim to represent the counterpoint to the left in this county going to awaken to the overall pattern and see the big picture? This is not just “barbarians at the gate” FFS this is a globally supported movement and an organised strategy to undermine democracy and destroy capitalism.

These people are not outliers, they’re the sharp end of the all encompassing socialist war weapon.

Whilst they conduct this cowardly assault on Paul Henry, a political lightweight they misperceive as a right winger, they claim to support freedom of speech in objecting to TV3’s dismissal of John Campbell. Its all blatant hypocrisy, but they don’t care, for the objective they are committed to is to generate fear and to intimidate. The rest of the left connives at their violence, for they know its all part of the same overall long term plan.

11 thoughts on “Assault on Paul Henry by thugs and cowards is typical Bolshevism

  1. Nice to see the police doing serious police work for a change. They looked like they were well lead by someone who knew what they were doing. Who is the bald bloke that called Henry a POS several times? The placard about jobs is pointless – these people are unemployable except, perhaps, on a collective farm.


  2. I recall reading a book called “The Crucible” when I was at high school that was about the Salem witch trials.

    When I look at videos like this, I see the same base, foaming at the mouth, misdirected passion that caused an entire population to condemn innocent young women to their deaths.


  3. generating violence and fear

    In short: terrorism. The police respond was indeed awful — they weren’t armed, they didn’t fire, they did nothing to reduce the terrorism threat to the economy overall.

    Communist Terrorism can only be fought in the streets. Leftists will have the country to themselves until those who love freedom are willing to “protest” just as hard as the leftists.


      • No need to imagine. Mourn what happened to freedom even though the police were present.

        Any US sheriff’s department would have done a better job for freedom than our politically extreme left wing NZ police.


  4. That’s pretty mild (but aggressive for NZ standards).

    In comparison to this: Pro-Russian separatists attack Ukrainian rally in Donetsk

    Around 1,000 pro-government supporters held a rally in Donetsk on April 28 in support of a united Ukraine. Fourteen people were later wounded when pro-Russia militants wielding baseball bats, iron bars and knives attacked the rally for national unity in the eastern Ukrainian city, according to journalists and local authorities.

    Donetsk is now under pro-Russian/Russian military control.


      • Special forces by all accounts.

        Just at the time when Obama and his flunky Kerry have agreed Russia gets to keep the Crimea and gets to dictate what happens in what remains of the Ukraine.


        • Well given the US blatantly stirred up a non-democratic overthrow of an admittedly unpopular government, is anyone surprised?

          What gets me is that an election was less than a year away. Had they waited all the following bloodshed would not have happened.

          If you poke the Russian bear with a stick, can you be surprised if it bites off a hand?


  5. Hopeless situation the Security, by law, are not allowed to defend themselves and were all assaulted multiple times.

    The Police as usual were late to the party and let me have a guess, not one arrest was made. There will be no end of complaints about the Police conduct.

    Take all available footage, identify the offenders and charge them.

    Then the Courts can slap them with legal aid, a wet bus ticket and the Taxi fare home.


  6. No one tries this in Florida. Three words: “Stand Your Ground”.

    Do you know that all the Fergusson-style protests in the US have been in states that don’t have Stand Your Ground laws? Gee – I wonder why?

    Because cops & citizens would just gun the terrorists down and be done with it!


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