Left wing media eats its own, Media Watch on Fairfax

The Monday night program Media Watch is the usual communist propaganda you would expect from the Australian Broadcasting Commission. It constantly attacks private sector media, meaning Rupert Murdoch, whilst deriding claims of ABC bias as a right wing myth. Bloggers who purvey the truth the MSM does not are putting Media Watch and its host Paul Barry under pressure these days, and forcing it to change its habits.

Fairfax gets a serve in last nights edition, and there’s a connection to the NZ branch of Fairfax too. It is interesting for as well as showing how incompetent Fairfax has become, it also betrays the company’s shaky financial state.

2 thoughts on “Left wing media eats its own, Media Watch on Fairfax

  1. Thinking about commie “media” just watching the end of Commie Live on TV3 – it will be so damn good to be rid of NZ TV’s most prominent version of Pravda!


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