Flag design winner- NZ Herald deceives on “Kiwi” origins

Flag Winner Here’s the winning design in the new NZ flag competition and here’s what the NZ Herald has to say about it-

A Kiwi design student has managed to win a New Zealand flag design competition dominated by overseas entries.

Freelancer, a design website, weighed in on the country’s flag debate, but some were quick to point out the conversation about New Zealand’s future was being dominated by international voices.

However the winner, Christchurch design student Denise Fung, has shown that Kiwi ingenuity is still a winner.

Denise Fung

Denise Fung

In fact the designer seems to be a Chinese immigrant who gained her BA at Shenzhen University in China.

Quite fitting in a way that our future flag should have such origins. Fits in well with 1st generation NZer John Key’s cowardly sell out of our traditional European culture.

Quite expected too that the pro-change Progressives at the NZ Herald would try such a deception.

(Footnote: Denise Fung appears to be a talented designer, and I wish her well in her work)

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12 replies

  1. All good.

    But I will be defacing my ballot paper in the first vote and voting for the existing flag in the 2nd vote.

    There should be a vote on if we as a Nation want a change and it should not be by a simple majority.


  2. Have not heard back from the flag censorship board on the appropriateness of my flag design that looks exactly like the existing flag.


  3. Most Chinese immigrants hate communism much more than most Natural Born Kiwis.

    I’m sure Denise won’t expect the Dole or Super – and certainly won’t want to pay for it either!


    • I did think that Angry until I asked a Chinese friend what she thought of Tienanmen square and she did nothing but spout the official line about it being criminals etc


      • A few years ago now one of the University magazines did a cover with mass murdering totalitarian dictator Mao in a dress. I can’t remember the actual upshot, but there was a hell of an outcry from PRC students. Maybe the magazine was even trashed.


  4. As soon as I read the article and saw the name I said to my partner, “Kiwi, my arse!” And so it is true. They are sickening aren’t they, the MSM. Anyway, I do like the design. But I DON’T want John Key messing with my flag. It’s just fine as it is.


  5. BTW, as a footnote to this, why is the flag winner being announced before the vote has been even started?


  6. Well well well don’t we all have something to say. Even though she comes from asia she still was able to instill the maori KORU and the 4 stars. In maori the 4 stars signify the 4 corners of the world NGA HAU E WHA…. so to single her nationality out is very racist and its time to step out of that process of thought and open your mind to what is truely being stated. This is what i see the flag signifies……. The Koru for Maori the 4 stars for all nationatlites and the colours are the blending of all our nationalities in this beautiful country of ours. Dont shoot the designer because shes from ASIA thats RACIST and lets just look at what it is A FLAG….


  7. By the way JOHN KEY SUCKS basically. If i was to sum up JOHN KEY (NOT HIS FAMILY BUT HIM) I would call him a RACIST, HYPOCRITE AND TOTALLY INCOMPETENT to run NZ. To better understand my statement. I Am MAORI and PROUD to be. As a Maori in the community amongst the better half of NZ, the lower class. I see that if you do NOT understand the way that the law is written in black and white text and how it can be used to better invent oneself, you will NOT go far. John Key has managed with a large band of supporters to single handedly manipulate the law and all its definitions to better suit how he is able to run NZ. So therefore he is not for the betterment of NZ but for the prosperity of his wallet and those of some of his supporters. I put the fact that he is against MAORI prosperity, that should us MAORI / TANGATA WHENUA O AOTEAROA stand united. Leave the finer details to be scrutinized once we are a united ruling NATION and are allowed to RUN our own country without the liking’s of such an egotisical and arrogant person. AOTEAROA’S prosperity will come to fruition and truly we as MAORI will prosper.


  8. Someone posted over on KB,what’s that koru spiral design ……it’s $26 million being flushed down the drain. Excellent.


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