Two main reasons for Trump’s popularity

Trump KellyScreenShot055There are two simple central reasons for Trump’s continued popularity.

  1. He’s not afraid to speak out on illegal immigration when the Democrats and Republicans won’t do or say boo on the issue, and
  2. The Political Establishment (The Democrats, the Republicans, the Mainstream Media) doesn’t like him.

Both of these reasons drive his popularity among those who are fed up with the political elite, that irritating and arrogant power bloc made up of Progressive politicians and media, who claim they and only they are representative of the conventional political wisdom.

The more they hate him and deride him, the more his popularity grows. The more they try to pull him down, the more his stature grows.

Cruz is my man. Trump though is an interesting politician. He’s blazing a trail through the current political class and hitting them with the truth they resist so vehemently. That truth being that they are not the powerful force they think they are.

Trump’s outspokenness shows there is another force out there that is so much more powerful, and all it needs is a catalyst. Someone to say the things that so far the Progressives have deliberately kept out of the political debate. Someone like Trump.

Trumps true value lies in the fact that he shatters the delusions of the Progressives regarding their own moral and numerical superiority. He challenges the illusion Progressives have put so much time and effort into building- the idea that they are the font of all wisdom and that if you don’t support them, then you’re an outlier.

Trumps popularity proves the Progressives wrong in this, the main plank of their self belief and their motivation for continuing to do what they do. When Trump challenges their views, they can’t call him an outlier because his popularity plainly makes that a lie, and it makes Progressives almost suicidal that this, their most frequently used and successful strategy, has been shattered.

Its not what Trump says so much as the fact he says what he does and remains popular. This is what drives the Progs nuts, and its what drives their intensified need to pull him down.

If Trump wins the primaries, will he win the election? Of course racial and social demographics in the US are the problem, mostly the result of untrammeled immigration from Mexico. That’s why others hesitate to be as outspoken and fearless as Trump. They think they’ll lose badly needed Hispanic votes by speaking out. (Ann Coulter claims they’re wrong and has a very good argument to support that view)

However if the Trump breakthrough loses steam, and either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton becomes the POTUS, many more will see the system as corrupt and un-fixable, and there is a good chance there will be another catalyst arise, and one that makes Donald Trump look like a babe in arms. It might not involve the ballot box.

As for Megyn Kelly, she’s always been a progressive. Here she is (video below) not so long ago attacking Rudy Giuliani for telling the truth on Obama’s anti-American upbringing. FOX is in the tank for Jeb Bush, and not only did the debate “moderators” attack Trump, they gave Ted Cruz virtually no speaking time, and Jeb Bush the most.

I’m hoping that with the growth in social media outlets like Twitter, where Kelly was heavily criticised, the influence of the mainstream media over the coming US election will be curbed somewhat. They’ve supported the Progressive status quo and simultaneously controlled the debate for far too long.

Note the first person Megyn Kelly calls upon to support her view on Rudi Giuliani is Democrat Communist Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The same person Kelly called upon to back her criticism of Donald Trump in her post debate program.

16 thoughts on “Two main reasons for Trump’s popularity

  1. “If jeb bush or hillary clinton becomes the POTUS there is a good chance another catalyst will arise, and one that makes Donald Trump look like a babe in arms. It might not involve the ballot box” Red

    The Don ain’t my pick either [more a Rand Paul supporter myself]

    All you journos and stooges keep up your stooging for the political crooks

    Ya’ll have sh*t on a lot of heavy hitters who ain’t got f*ck all left to lose

    Ya’ll wanna have a good hard think about this


  2. The worrying thing is the MSM focus on the trivial ( faux outrage and alleged offensiveness) and not what actually matters, policy. All part of the dumbing down as well as their controlling the message and therefor the outcome.


    • A record 24 million people watched the debate and they came only because Trump was on. Maybe his popularity, the fact that people actually want to hear him speak, can counter the MSM’s cowardly propaganda.


  3. I’m a Ted Cruz man – he openly says he says and wants the truth, and from where I sit, he does just that – like telling the Seante leader he is a liar – and so he is. Great stuff.


    • Don, don’t know if you watched the debate but you should seek out Cruz’s answer to Megyn Kelly’s sneering question about his religious beliefs. (near the end) His unashamed declaration of his faith hit it out of the park. I see his poll rating has surged putting him firmly in 2nd place behind Trump.

      This is in spite of FOX giving him very little speaking time, and Jeb being given the greatest amount of time.

      Jeb has slipped 3 points in popularity and drifted to 11th in the polls. So much for the status quo.


  4. I like Trump to many Politicians do not know what they stand for until an opinion poll tells them.

    Far to much PC crap to.

    Watch the media turn on him and turn it into a 3 ring circus.

    I think Trump would make a good President. He certainly could do no worse that that dullard Bush, or Mr Brady bunch Obuma.


    • Trump is doing a good job breaking down the Berlin wall the left have built around speech and thought Blobby, but he’s yet to announce a number of policy positions. Obamacare. 2nd Amendment. And he’s too nice to Hillary. I recommend caution. 🙂


  5. Food for thought….

    “The Republican party has become a big fat weed growing in Liberty’s pepper pot.

    On cue, along rode Trump. He’s practically the 4th rider of the apocalypse in the eyes of the gentry. Brash, loud, outspoken – a natural rabble-rouser and born counter-puncher – with fame and money enough to go completely rogue. He looked at the bloody gash the RePubliCAN’T leadership nurtured, marched right out into the middle of the festering, gaping tear, and planted his flag like a Spanish Conquistador.

    The entire establishment, from their owners in the Chamber of Commerce to their paid goons like Ed Driscoll recoiled in horror as their entire game of “divide-the-conservative-base-like-an-onion” blew up on their faces. They gathered their finest actors and immediately attempted their OTHER favorite game:

    Outrage Theater

    It failed – dramatically so. Nothing the Republican gentry throws sticks, because we’ve been taught to hate them, (though years of abuse and neglect), and we’ve been taught to distrust the media too. All people like Allahpundit, Megyn Kelly and Erik Erikson have done is add themselves to a list of people we routinely ignore and write off. I for one don’t care if Trump’s a serial waffler – or what he says when slapping down mouthy media-jack-boots. One does not expect their wrecking-ball to be nuanced or subtle. Blunt-force trauma to be expected – and even encouraged.”



  6. “What is being misunderstood is that this is not so much about Trump as it is about the Republican party, which has lied repeatedly over the last several decades and, when in power, has failed to deliver on any of its promises despite having the ability to do so.

    We’re not going to vote for another McCain, no matter what name he has. We’re not going to vote for a Bush who takes credit for a Florida “economic miracle” that was in fact all built on housing market leverage, liar loans and illegal mexican labor.

    We’re not going to vote for a Doctor who refuses to raise and debate the issue of outrageous monopoly interests that drive the price of medical care up by 10x what it should cost, and why the people involved are not under indictment and in prison rather than driving around in a Mercedes. And we’re not interested in the excuses coming from the various orifices of these candidates while they bow before the Koch Brothers and their money, or show up at Redstate when its leader bars Trump from coming

    We, those of mind such as myself and others, simply refuse to play this “but if you don’t vote for our jackass, evil though he may be, Hillary will win” game any more. This garbage was run with McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, and it’s not happening again

    Yes, this means that if Trump is improperly treated by the Republican Party and/or their media affiliates and as a result he decides to run on a third party or independent ticket, an act he certainly can do and fund himself, I will vote for him. If you think I fail to understand the consequence of this you’re wrong; my intent is to destroy the Cuckservative party now masquerading as “Republican”, and I’m not alone.

    Yes, that is a threat Mr. Boehner, Mr. Ryan, Mr. McConnell, Ms. McMorris-Rodgers and all of the rest of you. It is a lawful and political threat. It is a gigantic “**** you” middle finger in your direction, exactly as I expressed in plain language to a McMorris-Rodgers staffer after all of you folded in the debt ceiling debacle rather than doing what you were elected to, and promised to, do.

    I will accept no more excuses nor will I accept any more lies. I am done and so are millions of others who identify as Conservative. You are not conservatives, you are cuckservatives, sellouts, frauds, liars and thieves and you will either reform now and turn back all of what you have done to destroy this republic, federalism and the rights guaranteed to us under the Constitution before you ask for my vote once again or I, and millions of others, will take every legal political action available to us to destroy YOU.

    THAT is what this — and Trump’s popularity — is about.”


    Whoa – Now them some fighting words!!!


  7. Red, I think your two reasons are a lot of it, and I think reason 2 is close. I also think Ben Shapiro is on the same path as you when he says:

    “Trump is running a GFY campaign because he is incapable of running any other campaign. And his supporters are in a GFY mood.”


    “Mostly, they’re sick of hearing that they are the bad guys. For all the crap the Tea Party took for running supposedly quixotic primary campaigns against establishment candidates, they turned out for McCain and Romney. The establishment, by contrast, didn’t turn out for Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia, or Richard Mourdock in Indiana, or Chris McDaniels in Mississippi. The establishment informed Tea Partiers that if they only got behind a Republican Congress, that Congress would deliver for them. Instead, Congress gave them sequestration, funding for Obamacare, funding for executive amnesty, a path to victory for Obama on Iran, and funding for Planned Parenthood.”


    Trump supporters are, paradoxically (given that Trump isn’t a Conservative and is the epitome of crony capitalist that they despise), the TEA Party movement. They got behind (for example) Rubio and he defeated Charlie Crist, only to immediately start cuddling illegals and advocating amnesty. For their few wins (Cruz, Lee) the TEA Party has continued to be shat upon by the GOP, and I think Trump is the TEA Party’s way of telling the GOP to go fuck itself.


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