Why the NZ Labour Party just doesn’t get it

Andrew LittleI have to smile at the bemusement on display at the Standard. We’re going to hell in a handcart under an extreme right wing military junta and nobody can see that except the all knowing inner circle of Labour Party faithful.

That the Key govt stays high in the polls and they stay low is something they find inexplicable. Yes guys, and you must ask yourselves why you can’t find that explanation. Could it be that you’re not so much “all knowing” as group thinking whitebait locked into an archaic thinking pattern and therefore unable to deal with the complexities of the modern political battle?

Here is where I think you LP guys are going wrong. The first and greatest mistake you make is to continue to paint Key and his boys as far right. The public is never going to buy a message that is so far off track. They know that Key has merely accepted the baton from Helen Clark and is just running in the same socialist relay.

There has been no slash and burn. There has been no cut backs in spending. There has been no selling off of assets. There has been no throwing of beneficiaries into the gutter. As long as the Labour Party tries to portray the Key govt as a heartless and cruel far right regime they will not get traction. The public are just not stupid enough to buy a message that is so detached from reality.

People know the Key govt is left wing, and many of them are happy. Those that are not happy are the right wingers, (speaking relatively) and why would they change their vote to Labour when all Labour have is a plan to move the current socialist status quo even further left than Key and Clark have taken it?

So these are the two simple ideas that are keeping Labour out of the game.

1) The ridiculous proposition that the Key govt is far right and

2) the plan to take NZ even further left than it is now.

Even far left National Party supporters know that 2) above would be a recipe for disaster. They see Venezuela. They see Greece. They get nervous at the thought the same could happen here. They see the Nats as going as far left as is safe, and they don’t want to risk going any further. As for immigration, left voting NZers also know its the only thing at the moment funding their socialist economy. They don’t want that messed with.

Until Labour dumps these two failed mainstays of policy and works out another strategy, preferably one based on reality instead of myth and hyperbole, they will remain politically sidelined.