4 thoughts on “A laugh for Friday

  1. Very good.

    Trump is showing them all up and it is enjoyable to watch.

    I don’t think however he represents “change” just as Obomber didn’t. If he truly did, then the MSM would ignore home like they ignored Ron Paul. Trump craves publicity and they give it to him.

    Farrar was actually correct when he noted that Trump changes his tune like the wind.


  2. Yes, but it appears Trump has formed an alliance with a few Constitutionalists who are giving him the direction he lacked.

    He was only an observer in politics in the past. Now that’s he has enmeshed himself in the process he will have to become more concrete or he will be destroyed by all of the forces that oppose him. (Democrats, GOP establishment and MSM)

    I am very reluctant to allow myself to become a supporter as I would expect to be highly disappointed at some later stage, but so far he’s going OK.

    Under Cruz’s guidance he could learn a lot. Its a long way to go of course but it looks to me as there may be a move to form a Trump Cruz alliance with Trump as President and Cruz as VP.

    That’s a long shot and I would actually far prefer if Cruz could get up on his own.


    • Good thing is Trump is calling out some of what needs to be, and providing a rallying cry for those who are fed up with the status quo. If nothing else he may mobilise those who previously felt overwhelmed by the critical theorists who lately have been so successful at silencing those who have had the audacity to voice racist, feminist or bigoted thoughts.


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